Alejandro Mendieta 2020 news

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The thirty-four year keeps surprising us despite challenges and struggles. Alejandro Mendieta is termed as the Colombian playboy. The media does not leave him alone for a minute or so. Also, keeping in mind his latest endeavours, the year 2020 has been the craziest year for him as well as his ventures.

As we all know, 2020 was a year that no one would ever forget. The year started with the crazy forest fires and is now ending with the serious conditions of people all over the world suffering from the global pandemic of the deadly Coronavirus. Multiple other incidents will surely go down in the history books, and people will remember them in the years to come.

Unlike other years certain events entirely took up the stakes of certain business ventures. However, in Alejandro’s business, some events took up his business to great heights and made it a big achievement that made that statement true: “when life gives you lemons, make lemonades.”

A busy year:

The entire world got to experience something that they’d never thought of, lockdown. When the entire world was in lockdown, someone quick enough to figure out where the money was going was the actual winner. What was evident was online sales and marketing. Speaking of Alejandro’s business, it touched the retail business roof, and a surgeon, the bitcoin price made the European crypto exchange record trading volumes.

What was more evident was the three-year-long legal battle that was running in the court.

Winning the battle:

The three-year-long battle started with the Victoria police and the Australian taxation office. The end happened with the win of Alejandro. However, more details are not yet public. What is clear are the doubts of the Australian government departments with a clear corrupt joint operation. On the other hand, in Canberra, the High court demanded two government departments not to cooperate against an individual or an entity.

There are countless corruption scandals where the Victoria Police has been involved. Such events show a rather disturbing image of the Victorian police and provide privileged information of the clients to the police. One needs to ask when the Australian government is willing to take up things into their own hands.

The coming year:

When the media asked the young entrepreneur what his next purpose was, his answer was, “I have decided to move overseas when the borders open; Australia is an amazing country until you become rich, then you are hated for your hard work.”

So the overall problem is that young and hardworking entrepreneur’s end up moving to countries like Singapore, where they welcome such young minds with open arms. What needs to stop is the tall poppy syndrome, where we will never attract leaders from across the globe to come and live in a country like ours. If Australians do not change their jealousy mentality, then we will turn into a socialist society.