General Effects Of Cannabis

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The immediate general effects of marijuana consumption include an alteration of the user’s state of mind. The user may have numerous cannabis effects, including relaxation, euphoria, anxiety, heightened sensory awareness, altered perception of time and space, laughter, or discomfort.

One experienced effect has been described as “a sense of calm detachment from one’s physical body” that is often associated with feelings of depersonalization and derealization.

Many users claim that the lack of self-consciousness, coupled with the loss of inhibitions, may facilitate a form of creativity not usually found within sober living. It has also been reported that cannabis consumption can induce an altered state of consciousness, sometimes referred to as “expanded consciousness” or “altered consciousness.”

Tachycardia is a common effect of marijuana ingestion, which can create an increased sense of well-being and sudden happiness and inhibit the ability to concentrate on a single task.

Tachycardia side effects may also include lightheadedness, an increase in heart rate, and a decrease in the supply of oxygenated blood entering the brain. Irregular heart rhythms may occur as well as changes in blood pressure. There have been very few reports of feelings of panic or sadness. Cannabis has also been shown to induce characteristic eating behaviors.

Cannabis may change your state of mind by temporarily changing the way your mind and body communicate with each other.

These effects of marijuana on the user may last anywhere from one to three hours (or even longer if large doses have been consumed). Other general effects of smoking or ingestion include: – bloodshot eyes – a decrease in physical coordination – an increase in appetite – and increased awareness of sensation, including touch, taste, sight, hearing, and smell – a reddening of the eyes

Anxiety, panic attacks, or paranoia may occur when use is high doses are consumed. Some users may experience an altered sense of time while under the influence of marijuana. Sensations can also become more intense in some circumstances. Cannabis side effects are known to disturb the user’s sense of time. Cannabis consumption has also been detected in human hair samples.

Cannabis Effects on the Liver

There is no evidence that short-term cannabis use increases the risk of any liver diseases based on the current knowledge of liver function. However, chronic heavy alcohol users can develop the liver disease even when they do not use other drugs.

The use of cannabis could worsen alcohol-induced liver disease, but there is no evidence that this occurs in people who are not also heavy alcohol users.

Some laboratory research has suggested that THC may have an anti-inflammatory effect that could protect against liver disease.

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