How to clean or maintain the leather jackets?

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Leather can be visibly indestructible if treated properly. By taking care of your leather article appropriately, it can last long for ages. We are here to share the ways to make sure your leather jacket looks not only new but also make sure it functions properly. Everybody who is investing in the leather jackets wants it to look vintage for a lifetime.

Whether you like to clean your leather accessories once a month, once a year or regularly. If you let your leather dry or crack out, it’s not going to protect you in the same way it used to. To make sure your jacket looks new and gives you the compliments, by obtaining the desired look every time you use it. However, it doesn’t go further damages that can cause due to the leather itself. Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips for leather jackets:

  1. Make Sure to Keep Your Jacket Dry

A jacket made up of leather can be a lifetime garment only when you take its essential care to keep your jacket fresh and attractive. A leather material jacket should never put into the washing machine. You need to avoid wearing it on a rainy day as well. If somehow it gets wet, make sure you hang it to air dry generally before placing it back in the closet. If you sweat regularly and the odour keeps you away from using the jacket again, use de- slater that will help you to get rid of the sweat odour.

  1. Hang Your Jacket Properly

Leather is a durable material and if you want to keep it in good condition, give it some special treatment. You might have observed some creases on the jacket due to prolonged or improper storage. It could be avoided by using wooden hangers to hang the jackets. This way you can obtain the desired look of your jacket garment. Before using, you can only steam iron it in the vertical direction. And you are good to go!

  1. Use Leather Conditioner

It is highly advisable to give a maintenance treatment to your leather jacket once a year at home or dry cleaning store. For the desired results, Carefully apply a small amount of conditioner using a lint-free cloth and rub on the leather jacket in a circular motion. Swipe the excess conditioner and repeat the process until the entire surface has treated or otherwise, it will lose its shine and brightness. Leather conditioners are readily available in the market which sells leather articles.

  1. Prevent the leather from heat

Leather is a delicate material. It gets perished when it comes on contact with heat. Since it doesn’t tolerate massive changes in the temperature, it may deform or permanently damage your statement jacket. It has been recommended to put leather protection spray before using to prevent your jacket from any form of heat.


Pro-tip to clean your leather jacket at home: You may also use some natural household solutions like white vinegar and sodium bicarbonate to eliminate marks or stains. Make a thick paste to apply on the stain using a soft cloth and carefully clean the jacket. Keep your jacket away from chemicals, heat and humidity are absolutely a key. Leather is also a skin, always think of its anti-ageing.

Henceforth, conventional care of your leather jacket will not only keep its appearance fresh, but it will also save it from getting any further damage. Whether you manage to avail a dry-cleaning service or trying to clean it at home be sure to prevent its originality because taking preventive measures is the only way to make your jacket long-lasting.


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