Looking to train your beloved bulldog? Here is everything you need to know

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Do you have an idea what bulldogs are? A bulldog is the breed of dog that belongs to Britain and is meant to fight out bulls. Bull baiting is a popular sport where a bulldog grabs the nose of the bull and then hangs on to it. A British or English bulldog is well known for it has a muscular stance and has squats. A single dog can weigh around 22 kgs and the height may reach to 35-40 cms. A bulldog can be American, French, British or may be Alapaha Blue Blood, Valley bulldog, Bull Terrier, etc. Each and every kind of bulldog is stubborn, and the breeder has to train it. If you do not train the dog, the bad behavior of the dog can create embarrassing situations. A Frenchie can behave in the worst possible manner if you are not serious about the training. For any dog owner, it is crucial to spend time with the furry creature, show love and affection and care for it.

Take your bulldog for a walk

A bulldog by nature is pretty aggressive. You have to involve the bulldog so that it invests its energy. The best thing you can do is taking the dog for a walk. This way, the dog will know how to behave and learn to socialize. But, it is also important to buy dog supplies from frenchiestore.com. You need to have a leash and collar to control the dog. Use a leash to train the dog and teach how to sit, follow your instructions and how to stay. Don’t buy a shorter leash and settle for the one with 6feet height or even more.

To correct the bad behavior of the canine creature, use a dog correction collar. Again, there are various types of collars like shock collars, prongs and slip collars. Check the behavior of the dog immediately if you find it barking unnecessarily, toileting in a wrong area and is hyperactive, nervous or too aggressive. You may also summon a dog trainer to ease the process of training your pug.

Teach him certain tricks

If you want your French bulldog to be loved by all, then teach him tricks like how to shake hands. Teach him go-fetch and other tricks. Doing so will make the dog obedient, less aggressive and more reliable. Teach him some basic commands like “sit, stand, stay”. A well trained dog follows each and every instruction of his owner without feeling anxious, angry or nervous. Keep the dog neat and clean by using proper grooming accessories.

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