Role of parents in the psychological assessments of children

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Psychological assessments are based on developing a proper understanding of the way of child remembers and understands new things. Psychological assessments also provide a lot of information about the child’s attention, feeling, behaviour and sources of motivation. Parents are a very important part of the assessment process as they provide insight into the child’s development pathway, how the child functions at home, the various important life events of their child’s life. They will also provide valuable information to the psychologist about the child’s role in the family. The psychologist will also get to understand the family’s goals and values.

How is the psychological assessment carried out?

A Psychological Assessment Children Singapore is not a one-day procedure. It sometimes may take hours and even days. In some cases, it may take multiple sessions for the psychologist to understand what exactly a child is going through and what is his present mental condition. Psychological assessment is not like any other test. There is no question of passing and failing in the test. The main aim of the test is to ask different questions to the child in order to get into his mind and know what exactly is happening. 

The psychological tests involve personality tests, behavioural tests, IQ tests and much more. The child’s memory and intelligence are tested in order to see where exactly is lacking in academics and how his performance can be improved. The personality test is mainly aimed at understanding what exactly the child wants in life and what problem he is facing in his surroundings. 

Role of parents in psychological assessment:

Before the psychological assessment sessions begin, the parents will have to complete the first step of the assessment. They need to fill out the questionnaire regarding the child’s medical, social and academic development history. This information will help the psychologist to gain an insight into what exactly the child is like. The next step involves interviews and assessments. The interviews will be conducted with the child as well as his parents. The parents will provide information about the child’s strengths and weaknesses. The parents will also discuss their particular concerns.

The psychologists may question the parents regarding the behaviour of the child at their homes. The parents may also be asked to state any unusual behaviour that they have noticed in their child. This can help the child in emotional, social, educational and cognitive functioning. Once the report is prepared, the evaluator will meet with the parents and will review the results. They will also discuss the treatment plans and procedures along with the parents.

Few thoughts to end with:

And in this way, the parents play a crucial role in Psychological Intervention Children Singapore. So, if you are a parent and you want to get a psychological assessment done for your child, then you must be aware of your roles so that you can provide the required information to the psychologist.

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