The Importance of the Sterile Processing Department

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Every day, hospitals use about a hundred trays of medical tools, each containing around 50 individual instruments per surgery. These tools need meticulous cleaning as soon as possible so they can be used once more for further operations, but who is in charge of such a responsibility? This is where the sterile processing department, or SPD in Southern California, comes in.

What is the Sterile Processing Department?

The sterile processing department is the central hub of sterile processing technicians. These healthcare professionals are tasked with sterilizing, decontaminating, organizing, and distributing medical equipment and instruments. Much of the activities carried out by SPTs take place here.

While sterile processing technicians operate in the background and do not interact directly with patients, their roles are critical in hospital settings. Risks of infection remain present so long as there are illnesses, and only SPTs and other professionals in the sterile processing department know how to prevent this.

Why the Sterile Processing Department is Important

Undoubtedly, the sterile processing department is often called the “heart of the hospital.” If you’re wondering why SPD in Orange County is considered as such, we listed its primary significance.

Prevent the Spread of Infection

Without the unparalleled attention to detail and training of sterile processing technicians, the risk of infections in medical institutions would have increaseddramatically. Sterile processing departments collect used tools from various other areas, then sterilize them until they are fit for redistribution. With the SPD performing its duties, other hospital staff and patients do not need to worry about contracting an infection.

Keep Patients Safe

Healthcare staff under the SPD do not see the patients, but they serve them indirectly by providing them with a clean environment. SPTs ensure the tools and equipment hospitals use on them are safe and free from contamination, especially for surgical operations.

Replenish Medical Supplies

Other than cleaning, the sterile processing department can also be tasked to order a fresh batch of supplies and tools once the hospital has run out. These supplies may include surgical masks, gloves, syringes, and many others often utilized in surgery.

Organize and Distribute Healthcare Equipment

Once specific departments in the hospital require replenishment of supplies and instruments, the SPD comes along to organize and deliver what they need. Sterile processing technicians organize and distributeinstrument trays for surgical procedures and other patient care areas.

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