The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Shirt for Men

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Although every man needs a good supply of shirts, it might not be easy to narrow down the options to choose the perfect one. Use these tips as a guide when deciding which shirt to wear. With this guidance, you can select a suitable shirts for men from JACK&JONES.

Consider your body type when selecting a shirt style.

Knowing your physical form helps you pick the finest shirts for men for any event. For example, guys with a larger chest may choose slim fits or structured shirts, while those with a wider stomach may prefer a normal fit or one with darts.

Think about the context.

More than only the weather should decide a man’s shirt decision. Lightweight fabrics like cotton, denim, and flannel make terrific business shirts. Weekend alternatives that keep you cool and stylish include airy knits and button-downs. You can try check shirts also.

Choose a suitable fabric.

Shirt fabric is something that should be taken with seriousness. When choosing a men’s shirt, consider where you’ll wear it. Cotton is comfortable and functional. Cotton is perfect for daily wear because it’s soft and breathable. If you want to make a good impression at business lunches or social gatherings, linen is the material you should wear. Its ventilated design keeps you cool in hot weather. Because of its insulating properties, wool full sleeve shirts are still another excellent choice for formal dress in environments with lower temperatures.

Pay attention to the details.

To find the perfect men’s shirt for every occasion, one must pay close attention to the smallest details. An outfit’s collar, buttons, and cuffs are crucial. High necklines and pointed collars are timeless and appropriate for more serious occasions. Choose a button that says what you desire. Cuff options include round, French, angle, and straight cuts. Pocket styles add unique touches to your attire when paired with fabric designs.

Find the correct fit.

You should reconsider if you shop by shirt size (s, m, l, and xl).

  • Regular: This will hang flat, with extra pleats in the back for easy wear.
  • Tapered: This is more flattering because of its slimmer proportions. No wrinkles can be found in the back.
  • Slim: It conforms to the wearer’s shape, as the name suggests. The slim fit incorporates back darts for better waist definition.

Pick designs that work for you.

Solid blue or white shirts for men are best for their formal attire. They’re timeless work wear. You can wear stripes or checks to a casual party with friends. Mixing & matching are encouraged. Explore designs that fit you and spice up your wardrobe. Men’s party dresses should be bright and floral. It works wonderfully for afternoon trips, weddings, and evening dinner gatherings.


In conclusion, while shopping for men’s clothing, it’s important to consider the size, collar, cuffs, fabric, and patterns. Now that you know how to choose a well-fitted shirt, remember these tips every time you shop! Visit JACK&JONES if you want to add to your shirt collection.


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