Understand why you should take a cosmetic nurse course

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Nurses make a vast difference in people’s lives in various ways, and that’s as true for a cosmetic or an aesthetic nurse. On this path, you’d be serving people through in-office treatments, and non-invasive treatments such as skincare treatments, or injectables. Cosmetic nurses mostly work in medical spas or private offices related to cosmetic dermatology or plastic surgery practices. This is why you must consider taking cosmetic nurse course. Cosmetic nurses offer services to a broad range of patients searching for a boost in their self-confidence and their appearance. Most patients who are looking for this kind of treatment are women, yet even men are also continuously searching for these treatments too.

Know what’s it like to be a Cosmetic Nurse

Cosmetic nurses are registered nurses who practice in doing non-surgical cosmetic systems to improve a client’s appearance or boost their health. They may also assist Surgeons, Physicians, and Dermatologists in different aspects of patient care. Cosmetic nursing is a flexible, dynamic, and rewarding career route for Nurses. As the field of aesthetics is growing rapidly on a global scale with a substantial rise in non-invasive procedures such as body sculpting, laser, and cosmetic injectables.

As more cosmetic clinics launches, there is a growing demand for formal training in Cosmetic Medicine. Also in Dermal Therapies, and Cosmetic Nursing. Cosmetic nursing is an expert field that needs a great level of skill and knowledge. You have to consult with your clients to know the best treatment plan, observe their progress, and aid manage any complications that may occur.

Check out the Duties and Tasks

  • Evaluating skin to grow a comprehensive treatment plan for each patient.
  • Asking with patients, including interviewing, scheduling, and medical screening before services are offered.
  • Doing a range of cosmetic procedures such as non-surgical facelifts, injections of Botox and fillers, IPL and laser, microdermabrasion, laser hair reduction, and laser tattoo removal.
  • Sterilizing and preparing instruments and surgery suites.
  • Helping cosmetics physicians, dermatologists, and surgeons in surgeries, post-operative care, and consultations.
  • Conducting administrative tasks such as handling patient documentation and organizing after and before photographs.

Learn how to become a Cosmetic Nurse

Becoming a Cosmetic Nurse needs a combination of work experience and study. You will first have to become an RN and have an endorsement from the AHPRA. You will then have to finish the study to be an expert in the area of cosmetic nursing.

  • You have to complete first a bachelor’s degree in nursing. If you have a degree in another area, you can complete a master’s degree in nursing.
  • Become a registered nurse by registering with AHPRA.
  • Achieve around two years of clinical nursing experience, you may decide to build this experience while finishing postgraduate studies.
  • Finished an approved postgraduate degree in cosmetic nursing.

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