What is laminated flooring?

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What exactly is laminated flooring? Maybe you already are familiar with Kahrs Flooring and love its version of quality laminate flooring – Good for you. It is a pretty simple question for many. But it is not so for the people who are actually in the process of consideration regarding the installation of laminated flooring in their house. You may be one of them. You may even have visited places that offer laminated flooring near me, but still do not have a concrete answer to the question asked above. But you need not be confused anymore. We are here today to help you out with the basics of laminated flooring. Read on!

Defining laminated flooring:

In today’s market wood laminated flooring is a very frequently used and heard word. Many of us may even know why this option is preferred by many. It is preferred because it is cheaper, it closes the resembles the actual look of hardwood floorings and so on. But what exactly is it?

It is simpler than you think. These kinds of floors are a kind of hybrid floor covering that consists of three major layers. The layers are as follows.

  1. A particle board wood base
  2. An image layer
  3. A transparent wear layer

The first lid that is at the bottom is the particleboard base. It is then followed by an image layer. This is responsible for the appearance of the flooring that gives off an appearance that is very similar to actual hardwood floors. The top layer is the transparent wear layer.

Where are laminated wood floors best suited?

This is again something that no dealer would directly tell you. They would of course want to increase their sales as much as possible. However, there are some places in your household that laminated floors would complement, where is there are some corners in your house where laminated wood flooring would be not such a great idea. Places such as the living areas or bedrooms and hallways are the aptest places where you can install laminated flooring. You have to keep in mind to install these types of floorings in places where there is the least amount of moisture present.

Laminate flooring Raleigh always provides their best for their customers. Make sure you too go for services that give only their best to you. Settle for no less, after all it’s a matter concerning your home!