A Look at the Brake Caliper Replacement Guide

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The brake calipers are an important component of the car’s disc braking system where it houses the brake pads and pistons. When the brakes are applied, the caliper forces the brake pad to clamp down on the rotor on the wheel. This then develops friction and the car slows down. But the problems arise when damaged calipers cannot produce enough friction. This leads you to compromise your safety on road. Thus, consider replacing the calipers.

When do you need a replacement?

The below signs are indications that you need a mechanic who will attend to your brake calipers at the soonest.

Leaking calipers

The brake fluids start leaking when the caliper piston seals get worn out. This affects the braking performance and reduces the braking force. If you notice any leakages, it is wise to take them to a mechanic and get the entire system inspected.

Car veers to a side while braking

There are times when on applying the brakes; the car tends to veer on one particular side. This indicates that the brake pads have worn out unevenly. It can also mean that the brake calipers are incapable of exerting uniform braking pressure on both sides. This is also an indication that the calipers need a replacement or a serious inspection.

Noisy braking

High-pitched squealing or groaning noises after every brake application means that the brake pads within the caliper have worn out. This happens when the backing plates behind the brake pads start grinding against the discs. This produces dust and that gets stuck on the car wheels.

Brake pedals feeling softer

When pressing the pedals down, if they feel softer than they were previously, it indicates that air has seeped into the brake fluid. As air is compressible, it reduces the pressure exerted through the brake lines along with the brakes’ stopping power. Spongy brakes also indicate failed brake calipers and must be replaced at the earliest.

Brake warning lights

This is the final signal that you must not ignore under any circumstances. The warning lights are indicative of your brakes failing to perform as they should. These lights are also the sign that your entire braking system has failed and not just the calipers. Hence, it is better to take your car for a complete inspection and know what troubles it has.

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