BBQs 2u Makes Outdoor Parties Absolutely Wonderful

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BBQs 2U is a company with a mission. Their mission is to make outdoor parties awesome. And truth be told, they are doing an exceptional job at it. their range of Kamodo joe’s BBQs, Masterbuilt gravity BBQs, Napolean BBQs, and Onni Pizza ovens are the best accessories which you can buy to organise an awesome party

No matter what your requirement is, whether you prefer a gas or charcoal run BBQ, BBQs 2U has something for everyone. Their experience and customer make them a cut above. Their passion for barbeques has made them the best barbeque manufacturer. Their Kamado joe big joe 2 is the perfect match for big parties having a huge crowd and large cooking area. 

They are always up to something new and innovative. One of their series of barbeques is the Masterbuilt Gravity series BBQ. People of the UK love barbequing and BBQs 2U knows what you want. Their masterbuilt series has all that it takes to make delicious, juicy and mouth-watering barbeques. 

The MasterBuilt 560 BBQ is one of the members of the gravity family. It allows you to smoke, grill, sear, bake, roast and do so many other amazing things with your food. It comes with a digital control panel. Thus, you can set the temperature as you like it. it is also loaded with a smart digi fan which maintains the optimal temperature for your cooking needs.

It is capable of holding the charcoal for 12 hours, thus easily providing fuel to your fire for a long time. This barbeque is as good as the gas barbeques in all aspects. However, the taste of food cooked in this barbeque is way better than other barbeques. It reaches 370-degree centigrade in just 13 minutes and 110 degrees centigrade in just 7 minutes. 

They are not behind in technology. Their barbeque comes with a WIFI and Bluetooth adaptability, you can easily control the barbeque with a customized app wherein you can connect your phone with the barbeque. You can also try their other barbeques like the masterbuilt gravity 800 and the masterbuilt gravity 1050.

Each piece of the masterbuilt series comes with a set of freebies. The masterbuilt 560 comes with a set of 12 kg restaurant “A” grade lump wood, 4.5 kg kamado joe wood chunks and a box of flamers natural firelighters.  

Their onni range of pizza ovens are a piece of art. It lets you make restaurant-grade pizzas in the backyard of your home. This saves a lot of time, effort and money. You can be the chef of your party with onni pizza ovens. In 2012, onni became the first outdoor pizza maker oven. Since then, they have been adding new and improved models in the series. 

You would not want to miss the amazing content that is shared on their social media handles. They also post about the latest deals which are running currently so make sure that you connect with them on Instagram, FacebookTwitter, YouTube and Pinterest. 

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