Few Hot Selling Oven Models of Ooni Koda from BBQs 2u

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BBQs 2u is famous in the UK for serving grilled foods and barbeques and is now also representing a few world-class oven companies like Ooni Koda, Kamado Joe, Napoleon, Masterbuilt, etc.

One thing to notice about BBQs 2u is that they only deal with those ovens that are related to barbecue brands because they are the only genuine barbecue suppliers in UK. 

The buyers of these ovens are fully assured of fantastic customer service from BBQs 2u and can have the delight of preparing their own excellent pizza and grilled food indoors as well as outdoors. 

Ooni pizza ovens can be the perfect oven for both indoor and outdoor kitchens. For people who struggle to get a wood-fired authentic pizza, then an Ooni Koda 16 oven can be the best solution.

All models of Ooni’s Pizza ovens can cook pizza very fast and offers a fantastic value as compared to any other wood-fired pizza oven.  A few Ooni pizza oven-models are quite compact enough that can be easily carried to have a picnic party on the beach or in the park. 

Not only in outdoor kitchens the innovative pizza ovens of Ooni Koda can also be used at home for cooking incredible pizza easily that is fast and affordable. To cook a truly fantastic pizza, very high heat is needed that all oven models can reach high temperatures within 20 minutes.

Overview of Ooni Koda 12 

This Ooni Koda 12 is one of the award-winning portable ovens and is ideal for those who enjoy preparing delicious pizza at any place and entertain the guests and family. Its weight is just 9.25 and having foldable legs, and hence can easily be carried outdoors to enjoy a beach party.  

The Koda 12 model can heat up quickly and will be ready-to-serve pizza within just 60 seconds. It can easily roast fish, beef, and veggies. All users will love to eat the flame-cooked flavour that is brought forward by this Ooni Koda oven. 

Overview of Ooni Koda 16 

This is another portable pizza oven that is meant only for outdoor use. As soon as this model is unpacked from its packing, it will be ready for use. All that a user needs to do will be just flip open its foldable legs and attach the baking stone, then connect it to a certain gas tank. 

As it is gas-fuelled, it offers 3 important benefits:

  • Ease – The user can use it immediately after unpacking.
  • Control – Heat can be adjusted easily by using the heat control dial provided
  • Convenience – After cooking, no messy clean-ups are needed.

‏‏‎Once the oven gets preheated, within 60 seconds ready-to-eat pizza will be available. The temperature controls are similar to Ooni Koda 12 model. The only difference is it will take five minutes extra to preheat because of its larger size. 

Also, it is not portable because of its larger size. However, the bright side is that it has a larger baking stone to fit up to a size of 16” pizza.

People are now tweeting their experience about both these Ooni Koda Models on their Twitter account.

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