Buying real estate in Greece

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You can purchase property in Greece remotely without compromising the security of the transaction. In any case, the Sithonia Halkidiki real estate purchase approach consists of several stages.

The conclusion of the sale contract 

After your lawyer has confirmed that all the documents are in order, it remains to sign the contract. The contract must be concluded in the presence of a notary and a lawyer. The document is written in Greek. At the request of the client, it can be translated into any language and certified by a translator. At the same time (or within a set timeframe), the buyer pays the remaining value of the property and receives the keys to the property.

A contract certified by a notary is the primary document verifying the license of an object or land plot. The contract describes in detail the object being sold and its cost. The notary acts as a guarantor of the execution of the contract since he is the representative of the state in Greece.

Opening a Greek bank account 

To get a Greek bank account, you may be asked to provide the subsequent records: latest payslip, latest tax return, birth certificate, photocopy of passport, etc. It is important to note that you may be asked to provide documents with Greek or English translations. All requirements may vary from bank to bank. Some banks may ask you, as a foreign resident, to provide a “letter of reference” from your bank. This letter should include various details, such as for example, a breakdown of the total balance, and current transactions in the checking account in recent months. 

In order to carry out real estate commerce, it is not necessary to open a bank account in Greece. The transaction can be transferred through your bank account in any country.

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