Commissions not only for sales made

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However, companies should not focus only on this activity. The right strategist understands that any potential customer activity with the company has a certain value. Therefore, it is appropriate to pay a reward for filling out the competition form, sharing a photo of the new product on their Facebook or instagram, or any other event that is important for the product.

If you innovate in the way you reach the customer and combine Affiliate Marketing and Influencer Marketing, you should also improve the way your publishers reward you. Innovation in the payout method can attract more influencers and affiliate marketers even if the amount of commission is not the highest. It can also be a great strategy to get the best influencers in a highly competitive market.

Gain the trust of influencers just as they gain it from their fans

Influenza time is a phenomenon that was probably not even predictable. After the boom of consumption, the desire for quality, value and uniqueness comes into play. Customers are not looking for a brand to identify with, they want a story, an ideology with which they can identify. Influencers give brands a heart and buy a product and describe its subsequent consumption as an experience.

That’s why fans often see them as their idols. They trust their choice and like to see how this very attractive and interesting personality uses the product in their personal life.

Influencers have great power. And with the passage of time, when more and more companies in Slovakia choose this form of cooperation, influencers have the option of choosing with whom to establish cooperation. Take influencers more than your business partners, just as you take important clients or very helpful contact persons. You can learn more through the Evergreen Wealth Formula now. Before that you need to know How to spot fake reviews online so you don’t get scammed.

Ideas on how to have a good working relationship (not only with influencers)

Gifts – but who doesn’t like them anymore? Although the couple is currently afraid of bribery for work and a gift, care must be taken not to betray this form of relationship. It is not the value of the gift, but a gesture. For birthdays or Christmas, you can send them a free sample of your new product and attach a greeting card.

  • If influencer has a positive attitude towards your company, it will give preference to your products over the competition.
  • If they like your gesture, they can selflessly post it on a social network and make you very grateful to advertise.

Events – Whether it’s a presentation of your new product, a company anniversary or an exhibition, invite your most influential Influencers. This will give you a chance to get to know yourself personally and create a stronger bond. In addition, influencers love when something is still going on around them, so give them a “behind-the-scenes look” at your company and you will definitely make a point for them.

Ask for feedback. You let the Influencer know that you value his opinion and are interested in what he thinks. If you do not use his advice, you will build a closer, more personal relationship with him. However, it can easily happen that influencer will offer you a very interesting solution, or an idea that will bring you higher earnings or e.g. more media attention. Influencers are experts in marketing and communication with their fans. Do you really think they won’t tell you anything new?

A few words in conclusion

The combination of Affiliate Marketing and Influencer Marketing will offer you an important insight into your influencers, their quality and the target groups they appeal to. In addition, your sales will increase, as fans will be “separated” from the purchase by only one link in the influencer’s contribution. Keep in mind, however, that influencers may not be used to this type of marketing yet, so provide them with a contact person who will answer technical and other questions.

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