Everything You Need To Know About Walla Walla River Fishing

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Outdoor activities abound in Walla Walla. Opportunities for hiking, biking, and more surround you in Walla Walla. Whether you live in Walla Walla or are visiting this beautiful area, don’t forget to add fishing to your list. Along the river banks, you can view great scenery, relax, and try your hand at fishing.

Continue reading for everything you need to know about Walla Walla river fishing. Then, grab your fishing pole and head down to the river. It’s a great way to explore more of the wonders of Walla Walla.

Fishing Regulations and Gear

Before you head to the river for a great day of fishing, make sure that your license is current. Fishing licenses are available from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife or WDFW. You can access the application form online.

Additionally, make sure that you know which rivers are open for fishing. Details about the types of fish that you can catch, the size, and number of fish can be found through the WDFW as well. Dates of fishing season for the rivers in Walla Walla should also be checked before you head out for your excursion.

In the Walla Walla area, there are great shops that can assist you. If you need gear or guides, angler apps and stores can provide you the information and supplies for a successful venture.

Walla Walla River

A branch of the Columbia River, the Walla Walla River meets the Columbia near the Wallula Gap. Flowing through Umatilla County in Oregon and Walla Walla County in Washington state, the Walla Walla River is home to many species of fish.

In the Blue Mountains of Oregon, the Walla Walla starts as a smaller stream and a home to trout. Once you reach the primary downstream area of the river, there are a number of different fish populating the Walla Walla. Some of the more prevalent varieties include summer steelhead, bull trout, and spring Chinook salmon. October through March provide great opportunities for catching steelhead.

As the river reaches lower elevations, warmwater fishing is worth pursuing. In the spring and summer, many anglers are along the banks of the river reeling in big channel catfish. Not only is fishing great on the Walla Walla in the daytime, but you’ll also be joined by others fishing during the night for smallmouthFebWW bass and other fish.

More than the Walla Walla River

While the Walla Walla River is worth exploring, while you’re in the area or especially if you live here, there are other fabulous fishing spots to discover. Situated on the western edge of Walla Walla County, you’ll find the Columbia River. Bring your fishing poles and bait to lure in steelhead and salmon. For the anglers, the river supports walleye, channel catfish, and smallmouth bass.

Another option worth wading into is the Snake River. For warmwater fishing, in the lower part of the river you’ll find channel catfish and smallmouth bass. White sturgeon will be swimming in these waters too but check the regulations before you catch any.

In the area of the Walla Walla River, there are also lakes waiting for you to fish!

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