8 Recommended Temple Tours in Yogyakarta

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Yogyakarta is famous for its various temples, which are widely spread in several areas. A visit to Yogyakarta, of course, will not feel complete without visiting these cultural relics. To determine the closest route and which temples you should visit, below, we will discuss ten recommended temple tours in Yogyakarta.

1. Prambanan Temple

Temple tourism in Yogyakarta is already familiar to your ears. This Jogja tourist spot has been named the most beautiful Hindu temple in the world. Prambanan Temple, also known as Loro Jonggrang Temple, has a towering shape and depicts Hindu religious beliefs. These three temples are also surrounded by two apit temples, four kelir temples, and four corner temples so that when in this complex, tourists will feel like they are in a kingdom.

2. Plaosan Temple

The temple in the city of Yogyakarta, which is our second discussion, is Plaosan Temple. Behind one of these temples, there is an altar surrounded by a Buddha statue, which was used for Buddhist religious rituals. Plaosan Temple looks very elegant when illuminated by the rising sun if you want to find a historical photo location.

3. Kalasan Temple or Tara Temple

Another temple tour in Yogyakarta that has a stunning shape is Kalasan Temple. This temple, also known as Tara Temple or Kalibenin Temple, is one of the other Buddhist temples in Yogyakarta. The foot of the temple stands on a stone pedestal in the shape of a square and in this section, there is an entrance staircase decorated with makara at the end of the stairs.

4. Ratu Boko Temple

Adjacent to the location of Prambanan Temple, Ratu Boko Temple looks different from other temples in Jogja. This temple tour in the city of Yogyakarta had attracted the attention of many tourists because it was used as a shooting location for the film Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2. Besides being famous for being a former filming location, the sunset view at this beautiful temple in Yogyakarta has become the subject of photos from thousands of tourists.

5. Sewu Temple

The next temple in Yogyakarta has a shape similar to Prambanan Temple. However, Sewu Temple is the second largest Buddhist temple in Indonesia after Borobudur Temple, Toppers. Even though the 2006 earthquake caused damage to this tourist destination of temples in the city of Jogja, Sewu Temple still looks charming and worth your visit!

The next Jogja city temple has a smaller size when compared to other Jogja temples. However, this Yogyakarta city temple tour looks wonderful surrounded by rice fields and hills, so it is perfect for a photo location.

6. Sari Temple

Candi Sari is a Buddhist temple built during the reign of Rakai Panangkaran in the 8th and 9th centuries. This Yogyakarta temple has several stupas that were formerly used for meditation by monks.

7. Ijo Temple (Green Temple)

Judging from the name alone, you would think that this Yogyakarta city temple tour is green. However, just like other Yogyakarta temples, Ijo Temple remains black. When entering the gate of this temple, you will be greeted by one carving on the largest temple in the form of a dragon with a huge mouth.

8. Borobudur Temple

This is the most famous temple in Jogja in the world! Borobudur Temple is a Buddhist temple that has been named the largest monument and stupa in the world by UNESCO! The walls of Borobudur Temple are decorated with 2672 sculptures arranged along 6 km, which are the largest and most complete Buddhist reliefs in the world! Apart from being a decoration, the reliefs carved on the wall also tell four stories, Toppers. Namely Karmawibangga, Lalita Wistara, Jataka and Awanda and Gandawyuda. Of course, the sunrise and sunset view from the top of this temple tour in the city of Jogja will make tourists amazed by its beauty.

Visiting yogyakarta must visit the temples of historical heritage. Planning to visit Yogyakarta soon? Find out more about Yogyakarta and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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