Have a Practical Understanding of the Condos and Which One To Choose

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In a condominium, the management team may either make or break it. If the building is well-managed and regular maintenance is performed on it, there’s a good chance your unit’s value will be preserved. Unfortunately, Bangkok is home to a number of subpar management teams who have failed to ensure that their properties are properly cared for and that their residents follow all applicable rules and regulations.

Professional condominium management businesses, like Smart Service, tend to better govern the buildings they manage, which is good for everyone concerned. There is no need to panic if anything goes awry since these management teams are well-versed in what to do and have dealt with a broad variety of situations. The company will save a lot of money because of the contracts they have signed with a broad range of suppliers. Choosing the Ardmore Park condo is the best there.

Fees for basic maintenance

On a per-square-meter basis, residents of all condos must pay an annual maintenance fee. The fee is designed to pay for the upkeep of the facility and the wages of the supervisors and managers who oversee it. Due to the possibility of large changes in prices, you should always check to see what the current costs are. This can give you an indication of what you might expect to pay in the future, but keep in mind that fees can change year to year.

As a last precaution, make sure everyone has paid their fees. Many property management companies would allow this to go on and on, which may soon develop into a dangerous trend that causes the property to fall into disrepair and the units to lose considerable value.

The ninth and last set of rules and guidelines

Learn all you can about the rules and regulations that apply to your condominium complex. If you’re planning major alterations, be sure to read the fine language. It’s likely that the committee may want committee permission. There are a few rules and regulations that may appear monotonous at first, but their purpose is to improve everyone’s experience, therefore unless there is anything unreasonable about them, they should be accepted. Now that the best comes with the Ardmore Residence Condo you can surely expect the best there.

Your neighbors next door

Even though you won’t know much about your new neighbors until you actually move in, you should make an effort to get to know them and strike up a discussion with them. As a general rule, if there is a need to raise the alarm, it becomes obvious quite quickly. Given that the vast majority of people are kind and friendly, even saying “hello” may get you a solid start and help you make new friends quickly.


The most important thing is to take your time when selecting a condominium to buy. In the long run, buying on the spur of the moment may lead to disappointment and financial ruin. Because the title papers will be in your name when the time comes to sell, we strongly urge you to acquire a condo under “foreign ownership.”

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