Hiring a business litigation lawyer in Clearwater: Ask these questions

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As an entrepreneur, you would want your company to stay out of trouble. Inevitably, issues do crop up from time to time, and it only makes sense to hire expertise on legal matters. There are numerous reasons why you may need an attorney, including breach of business contracts, intellectual property rights, employment disputes, and labor matters. Every business should have a legal team to handle various matters as and when needed. If you are hiring a Clearwater business litigation lawyer for the first time, don’t forget to ask these questions. 

  1. How can I learn about your practice? Clients have every right to ask questions when choosing an attorney specializing in business litigation. Most attorneys offer consultation sessions to discuss their work profile and professional in detail, and this is the best way to know an attorney and their experience in matters that concern your business. 
  2. What cases do you handle? Business litigation is an extensive field, and a lawyer may work on diverse types of cases. Knowing the types of cases that an attorney frequently deals with in their practice is a good idea. A skilled & proficient attorney will ask questions about your business and would want to know what you expect of them. Aligning the expertise of the lawyer with your business is exceptionally important. 
  3. How much will it cost to hire you? If yours is a small business, you may not have extensive resources to hire an attorney. Typically, business litigation lawyers charge an hourly rate, but for smaller tasks, they may take a flat fee. The costs should be reasonable, and if you have a matter that’s likely to impact your business in adverse ways, it is best to engage the best possible attorney you can find. 
  4. How are the payments made? Eventually, you will need the business litigation lawyer to be available for your company when needed, and for that, a retainer fee is often a norm. The retainer fee is usually paid per month, but depending on the facts of the case, you can talk to the law firm for a reasonable pricing slab. 
  5. How do you handle client communication? Communication is a key aspect for clients, and you need to find an attorney who is accessible and responsive. You should know what it takes to get an update on the case. 

Business lawyers are busy people, but they have dedicated teams to respond to emails and calls. 

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