Lo and behold, my gorgeous ergonomic desk chair! Confessions of a WFH professional

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There are some things that get fonder the more you see them. And the affection reaches manic proportions if they are comforting as well. I was recently cajoled into buying an ergonomic desk chair for myself. I work from home, and the suggestive push came from a friend who’s also working from his home-office for quite sometime now. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank him. Well, I can’t thank him enough for this because my ergonomic desk chair is blatantly gorgeous. And it’s loaded with comfort and bliss.

No sob story, but I must admit that working-from-home (WFH) had taken the better of me. I was in a constant state of sulk and suffering. Well, you know, the sulk can be blamed on the isolation. But the suffering came from an unlikely place, the couch. Sounds funny, but I had forgotten that the couch is not the right place to work from. It gives you a false sense of comfort, and you keep turning a blind eye to the slouch. So, I had transformed into a hunched mule that carries the load with a sense of self-pity.

The pangs of feeling victimised rendered me unproductive. I dragged against my will to work. But things changed when I got my gorgeous ergonomic desk chair. What made me fall in love with it instantly was the element of sophistication. The black leather exterior resting on the swivelling five-wheels felt like a throne in motion. The perch was deep and backed by fabulous lumbar (lower-back) support. I could rest my arms on the spacious armrests. And when I felt tired, I could just place my head on the headrest and go into stupor for a while.

Now, I’m again in transformed stage. And the credit goes to my gorgeous ergonomic desk chair.

Why I love my ergonomic desk chair?

  1. It gave me better posture

    I find my ergonomic desk chair so best height adjustable desk that it accommodates me to the core. I don’t need to slouch or hunch anymore while spending hours at the workstation. You won’t believe, I even walk with confidence now. I’m no narcissist, but I gloat whenever I see myself in the mirror. Wow, what a posture I have!

  2. It healed my back-aches

    Remember the suffering I was talking about. This was the worst of all. Nagging and gnawing back-aches which made me feel miserable at times. But my gorgeous ergonomic desk chair took them away in no time at all. I feel so blessed when my lower-back gets a dose of lumbar support. I even feel my spine, neck, and shoulders are properly aligned.

  3. It took away my sulk

    It was ‘love at first sight’ for me. I drooled over my gorgeous ergonomic desk chair when I saw it for the very first time. The leather covers looked, and continue to look, extremely beautiful. The silver legs fitted with smooth castors energised my ambitions. And the deep cushion pads allowed me to settle-in comfortably without having to worry about wear and tear. My ergonomic desk chair is charm personified! I feel galvanised whenever I approach it.

  4.  It made me more efficient

    I mean, who wouldn’t feel good and productive by having such a gorgeous ergonomic desk chair as his workmate. I felt so fit, healthy, and charged-up that my performance at work began improving. Every now and then, my boss would call me and shower accolades. It was a sense of pride that I can talk about forever. I still feel so elated as I write this piece.

  5. It saved my medical bills

    It was so annoying to spend hard-earned money on painkillers and doctor consultations. Now my backaches have vanished and I can use the saved money on other things. I know that the more I use my gorgeous ergonomic desk chair, the lesser would be the need to spend on medicines and hospital visits. Tonnes of gratitude to my gorgeous ergonomic desk chair!


I can’t do without my gorgeous ergonomic desk chair now. And I’m sure even you won’t once you grab one for yourself.

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