Why is math in the NDA syllabus for Army wing aspirants even if it is open for all streams? How can students prepare from non-mathematics backgrounds prepare for?

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NDA provides the first stepping stone towards an illustrious career in Armed Forces. NDA encourages students from all streams to apply, but students having a better hand in Mathematics and Physics have a better chance of selection in NDA.

The Eligibility criteria of NDA Exam states: “Class 12th or 10+2 system of education or equivalent for Army and with Physics & Mathematics for Air Force and Naval Services.”

We arrive at the fact that aspirants not studying Mathematics and Physics are restricted from joining only the Army Wing of NDA. Arts/Commerce students can give the NDA exam, but their option is limited to the Army wing only.

The candidates from Arts/Commerce background have to give and clear the NDA exam in which Mathematics exam is compulsory even if they have not been studying the same as a regular subject in their regular streams.

UPSC conducts the NDA Exam, and all the candidates, irrespective of their streams in Class 12th, have to give the mathematics exam to join the Indian Armed Forces. Even if the qualification does not state mathematics as a compulsory subject, the candidates need to practice the basic concepts of mathematics until the matriculation level.

The UPSC Written exam for NDA consists of Mathematics for 300 marks and General Ability Test for 600 marks. The candidates need to score at least 25 percent marks to qualify.

Mathematics is included in the NDA Syllabus as mathematics plays an essential role in modeling systems used in the Army, analyzing and controlling phenomena behind weapons, and designing & improving systems of critical interest to the Army. Even if the candidates are from Arts/Commerce background, they should have basic knowledge of the subject to analyze the concepts behind the armed forces quickly.

Let us see how students from the non-mathematics background can easily prepare and clear the UPSC’s NDA exam.

For analyzing how to make studying mathematics easier, first, we should take a look at the options available in front of the candidate to explore:

  1. Coaching Classes: BYJU’s Exam Prep offers specialized coaching in mathematics for NDA aspirants. The candidates can take the help of a mentor in the class to understand the concepts easily.
  1. Taking help from Friends: The candidates can look for students with mathematics as their strong points and partner them in final preparation for mathematics.
  1. Self-Study for Mathematics: The candidates can refer to good books recommended on good websites and start self-study for clearing the mathematics test.
  1. Set a time goal: Start early as before six months from the exam date and devote maximum time to prepare the subject comprehensively.
  1. Previous years’ papers: The previous years’ papers help the candidates to list out the topics regularly coming for the candidate. The candidate can easily plan a strategy to clear the exam by knowing mathematics’s strong and weak points.
  1. NDA Mathematics Reference Books: The candidates should buy the best books available in the market for practice and cover all the topics to get confidence going.

Mathematics Preparation Tips for Important topics:

  1. Algebra: The typical pattern observed from questions coming from Algebra is they are formula and result-oriented. Most of the questions are relatively easy if the applicants can remember the results of complex numbers (cube root of unity, conjugate, etc.), Binomial theorem, P&C.
  1. Calculus: Calculus includes critical chapters like derivatives, differentiation, definite integral, the area under the curve, etc. If the applicant understands graphs and how to use them, then scoring marks on this topic becomes very easy.
  1. Coordinate Geometry: With just little effort in understanding the concepts, the applicant becomes the highest scoring topic. 

Best Mathematics Books for NDA Preparation

The level of questions in the NDA Mathematics exam is elementary, and applicants look to study books that help in concept clarity.

  1. NCERT Class 11 Mathematics Book
  2. NCERT Class 12 Mathematics Book
  3. Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams by R.S.Agarwal
  4. NDA Entrance by E.S. Ramasamy
  5. Mathematics for NDA/NA by R.S. Agarwal

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