Motivation for CAT 2021 Preparation: 5 powerful tactics

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Common Admission Test commonly known as CAT is known to have been one of the most popular examinations in India. Being a gateway to some of the premier B-schools of India apart from the elite Indian Institute of Management (IIM), it is witnessing high growth in the number of applicants each consecutive year.


Moreover, with the rising career awareness amongst the millennials, the competition to stay ahead in the horse race to crack CAT is getting intensified. But it is an established fact only a few will appear victorious post this horse race. So there must be something that differentiates the winners from the others. Well, this something always remains speculative from case to case.

There are many who are taking advantage of the work from the home facility and have already started their preparation by getting themselves enrolled in CAT 2021 online coaching. However, many amongst those who are preparing for the CAT exam are subjected to some of the other forms of stress and anxiety. These negative emotions jeopardize the chances of clearing the examination and reduces the efficiency of the aspirants. Hence, there must be some medium to ward off any kind of negativity and keep us motivated and confident.

Following powerful tactics can help the aspirants to keep themselves motivated for CAT 2021 preparation, which is due to be held exactly after a year from now-

Acceptance – The foundation to success in any activity is the acceptance of one’s own current situation with respect to his environment, past, and aspiration. The person should be aware of what his aspirations actually are and what he has come into this world for. Participating in the bull’s race to match up with the success of others will not earn a satisfactory success. Hence, a proper self-introspection is the key to end any mental pressure or stress.

Having realized and accepted the aim, the aspirant should commence diligent efforts to identify his current state of preparation with regards to the score ideally required for cracking the CAT. It must be borne in mind that this process should be meticulously undertaken at each level of preparation optimistically for self-improvement. The subsequent performance, if positive must be rewarded with self-appreciation. However, if there is little or no improvement, laud yourself for not giving up and keep up with the persistent efforts without getting affected by any negativity.

Course Preparation – Proper and complete analysis of the CAT exam course before starting with any preparation is the first milestone in the path to clear the CAT exam. This should be complemented with self-evaluation tests to jot down a favorable preparation strategy. The aspirant should make a note of his strong and weak points and smartly design a methodology to strengthen up his weaker areas and enhance the stronger ones. There is no one correct strategy. Hence, he must not be lured by his peer’s method of preparation.

The person should affirm his mode of study i.e., whether to pursue conventional coaching, or online coaching, or self-study. Once, he is sure about his mode of preparation, a comprehensive and sincere study to cover the entire syllabus should be undertaken. Complete and timely coverage of the syllabus will inculcate self-confidence and each subsequent improvement, no matter how small it is will motivate the aspirant to fix and surpass tougher milestones. Hence, a person should face his fears and weaknesses boldly to identify their root causes to overcome them. Likewise, George Prep provides a very suitable and stimulating learning experience on a personalized level to each student.

Breaks and Leisure Activities – Once a person develops consistency in his preparation, it becomes imperative for him to relax his brain and muscles. Therefore, periodic times and regulated breaks are very stimulating for enhanced mental activities and vigorous concentration. The aspirant should design his own time-table in such a way to insert breaks that can help to release the tiredness and any negative energy from the mind and body. He should identify and list down activities that impart a feeling of freedom and relaxation.

Any kind of physical activity like sprinting, rope skipping, or cardio workout can help release the blocked-up energy. Additionally, short sessions of mind relaxing techniques like yoga and meditation can be undertaken to increase mental efficiency. Activities like gardening or listening to music or watching short documentaries can speed up the mind’s processing.


The aspirant can also identify any of the topics from the syllabus in which he holds proficiency and interest, to practice questions related to them. Such tactics will help him save time and develop more confidence to eliminate any kind of negativity hidden because of some tough topics. However, such breaks must not be extended beyond the designated duration.

Family and Friends – Our near and dear ones play a very prominent role in shaping up our attitude and keeping us motivated. As a matter of fact, all the aspirants should keep in contact with their family members and close friends who are always there to help them cope with any kind of difficulties by providing moral support and necessary assistance whenever needed.

If possible, all aspirants should also go for periodic group studies with those who are really sincere, diligent, motivating, and helpful. It helps them to be updated about their actual preparation level in comparison with others to inculcate healthy competitive spirits.


Moreover, such group studies with friends help each of the students to learn something new and realize undiscovered shortcomings. George Prep also provides a social learning ecosystem for solving doubts and strengthening concepts of like-minded aspirants who are opting for online MBA entrance exam preparation.


Assessment and Mentor – Each aspirant should practice as much as possible and should appear in a number of tests and mock tests to get trained for a 180-minute online entrance test. The result of each test should be subjected to optimistic evaluation for continual improvement under the guidance of a mentor. The mentor can be a teacher from coaching, an industry expert, or a senior who has cracked CAT or any other prestigious exam successfully.

Based on the above discussion, it is evident that keeping ourselves motivated is a meticulous process, which cannot be performed in self-isolation alone. The key to success for clearing CAT lies not only in holistic course preparation but also the confidence with the preparation is being done and exams are given. CAT 2021 online coaching is a very preferable option in the current times of coronavirus, which can be undertaken under the guidance of George Prep.


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