Harit Gaba Offers an Insight into How Networking Can Help Students of Higher Education Get Job Opportunities 

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In the digital landscape, networking can be an immensely helpful skill to build relationships with industry professionals related to their educational niche. According to Harit Gaba, developing skills in networking can help gain in-depth insight into the job scopes and industry trends to excel in the career. Those who are new to networking and wondering what it is, continue reading to know more about it and its potential. 

Defining Networking 

Networking refers to the route of building, maintaining, and developing relationships with peers, teaching staff, like-minded individuals, and professionals with an aim to promote scopes for mutual benefits. By networking, students pursuing higher education can explore the hidden job openings often advertised publicly to help them gain access to potential employers and earn through internship or on-the-job opportunities.  

As per Harit Gaba, networking can get students valuable insights into industry job trends, challenges, tips to overcome them, and best practices. Thereby getting connected with thriving professionals from their academic field, students can boost their awareness of the demanding skills, and knowledge, and accordingly bolster their skill sets to start searching for jobs.  

Explore Alumni Advantage 

Alumni members seem to be a priceless resource for students of higher education looking forward to network to promote their careers. Connecting alumni is a great way to explore their experience and get valuable tips to crack the job opportunities available in compatible industries. They often share their personal experiences in interviews and guidance on how to succeed.

Moreover, being social with alumni can encourage them to introduce students to professional networks that they are linked with and thereby help in opening new doors to more job opportunities as well as connections. Apart from offering career advice including writing persuasive resumes and covering letters, tips to add value to resumes, how to get prepared for interviews, and techniques of job searching. 

How to Use Networking for Searching Job  

Following are some important tips for searching for career opportunities through networking

Build a network: Students should plan to build a network of contacts who can support them in finding job scopes and offer valuable insights into their fields. The contacts can include colleagues, mentors, alumni members, professors, and industry professionals. 

Join a professional association: Joining a professional association related to individual industries can be a great way to connect with like-minded professionals to gain easy access to industry resources.

Use social media: Make sure to use the power of social media such as LinkedIn, to get connected with professionals and employers specializing in related fields to get offers like on-the-job opportunities, internships, etc. 

Volunteering: Spending weekends volunteering for organizations related to the same industry or events can be an effective way to join the network to give back to the community and equally leverage its potential to get career opportunities. 

Get Regular touch with the network: Make sure to maintain regular contact with the network that individuals are associated with your network, although there is currently no job scope. No one knows when an opportunity will arise and help to get started. 


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