Right Brain Development Activities for Babies: 4 Reasons Why They are Important

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The human brain comprises two hemispheres, the left and right. Each one is in charge of the opposite side of the body, meaning your left hand is under the control of the right brain hemisphere. Each side is responsible for various skills. The left one controls speech and writing, while the right controls creativity and spatial ability. Training both hemispheres of the brain is crucial in ensuring proper development. Therefore, babies should undergo right brain training from a learning centre in Singapore as soon as possible. In this article, you four reasons why right brain development activities for babies are beneficial. Continue reading to know more.

1. Enhances Creativity

Activities involving the use of creativity are under the control of the right brain hemisphere. Excellent development of this skill allows children to express themselves. Additionally, it improves their thinking and problem-solving skills. Some of the right brain training activities you can do are using building blocks, non-toxic paint, and clay toys.

2. Develops Holistic Reasoning

While the left brain hemisphere allows an individual to divide a topic into smaller pieces for analysis, the right side provides an overview of the entire picture. Looking at the whole problem is equally critical as studying its details. Furthermore, right brain training allows your children to see things from different perspectives, resulting in better judgement.

3. Improves Spatial Recognition

Right brain development activities for babies are known to improve spatial recognition. This skill allows an individual to manoeuvre around their surroundings. Athletes see it as a fundamental ability as proper navigation is critical in competitions.

4. Improves Intuition

While analysing facts and logic to make decisions is crucial to an individual, they must also have the intuition to act as a balance in their judgement. Additionally, this skill allows people to make quick decisions, which is critical in situations where time is of the essence. If you are looking for a learning centre for right brain training, visit Heguru Method in Singapore today!

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