The 5 Benefits of Selling Art Prints

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The creative process is delicate and long. As much as possible, you want your clients to have the best artwork you can ever create, but how can you enhance your creations?

Many artists looking for a new way to gain clients and boost their sales turn to print-on-demand- oak frame services to help them create gorgeous art prints. By producing prints of your work, you can reach a wider audience and cater to collectors who can’t afford original pieces.

Though printing and drop shipping art prints sound like additional expenses, they can bring you significant income. If you are still hesitant, here are the five top benefits of selling art prints.

Increased Accessibility

Original fine art pieces may be too expensive for your regular customers. Because of this limit, you might struggle to showcase your creativity. This makes art printing a highly appealing solution.

By selling prints of your work, you can access a larger customer base and gain more recognition. Art prints are generally more affordable than original pieces, making them perfect for enthusiasts and collectors with budget constraints.

Additional Revenue Stream

Original pieces allow you to earn a large income due to their hefty price, but the purchase frequency may be low. If you wish to collect more revenue, opting for art prints is your answer.

Since art prints come with a low price tag, more people can buy them. This can help support your artistic practices, fund new projects, andinvest in creative development.

Branding and Exposure

Unlike original work, art prints can be customised to highlight your creation’s uniqueness and artistic identity. Many art printing services allow clients to personalise their works through various printing techniques, framing options, editing, and branding.

With customised prints, you can make a distinct name your market can recognise easily, generating more opportunities for you to grow as an artist.

Preserve Originals

Do you often worry about your original works and wish to keep them?

It is not uncommon for original artwork to sustain damage from constant movement. If you want to maintain your work’s integrity, selling prints of it will help. You can keep the original in a controlled environment while making reproductions for sale.


People tend to want to own limited edition items due to their rarity. Introducing limited edition prints of your creations can trigger a sense of urgency in your customer base and convince them to purchase your products.

Besides persuading them to collect your prints before they run out, selling limited edition prints can also cultivate a loyal collector base that can enhance the desirability of your illustrations.

Turn Your Creations into Prints Today!

If you haven’t tried offering your clients art prints, you miss out on wonderful sales opportunities. 

You don’t have to worry about the stress of dealing with the printing process; let your creativity run wild as Printribe manages your printing, framing, and delivery. You can relax, and your clients will have the artwork they desire.

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