The Importance Of Using A Time Winder For Your Watches

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The advancement in technology has changed the scenario for your watches as well. From manual watches to automatic watches, the transition was a significant achievement. But now, people are more inclined towards using digital watches instead of automatic ones. Automatic watches require a lot of time and care behind them to function smoothly.

It is often seen that people who associate with the elite class still prefer to use automatic watches instead of using mass-produced watches. But you can’t keep your watches at home after wearing them. Automatic watches require a watch winder to prevent it from losing time. If you are wondering, what is Time Winder (อะไรคือ Time WInder, which is a term in Thai) then it will help revive the watch and prepare it for future use. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and the importance of using a watch winder.

What Do You Mean By Time, Winder?

A winder is a box of wood or plywood specially designed for your automatic watches to help you reserve power and prevents energy from depleting. Using a winder for an automatic watch also lets you set the date and time and ensures smooth functioning. The popularity of automatic watches has immensely contributed to the growth of the watch winder. Hence, it has become popular these days.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Time Winder?

The benefits of using a time winder in an automatic watch are as follows.

  • Using a watch winder is often considered a good option for saving money in the long run. The most common mistake seen in most people is they buy luxury watches. Still, they don’t purchase Winder for those watches in most cases. Using a winder helps you save emergency runs to the watch repair store.
  • A better and longer shelf life is expected for an automatic watch when you consider using a watch winder. The watch winder saves your watch’s lifetime and helps you keep it ready for the next use. Because when you do not wear your automatic watch very often, it is most likely to go out of function because of lack of movement.
  • A safe and secure storage space is provided for your watches when you purchase a watch winder. It enables you to store your watches safely and protect them from unwanted damage. Therefore, buying a winder is a great way to provide safe, secure watch storage.


The bottom line is you can consider buying a winder, big or small, depending on your preference. But it will be a great option because it will be a good investment for your automatic watches. You will be eager to maintain them for much longer, and most importantly, they will help you eliminate all the concerns regarding winding your automatic watches from time to time.

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