Buy a Mobile Phone in the Budget of £150

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Science and technology are developing. The time has progressed. More consumers want to buy a smart phone suitable for themselves. Many people’s economic strength does not allow them to buy an expensive one. It is hard to find a mobile phone with moderate price and excellent performance. The article will bring some recommendations to all users. I hope it can help for consumers.

The first mobile phone we recommend to all users is Realme Q. Realme has many mobile phones within this price range. Realme Q is representative. It uses the processor of Xiaolong 712. This processor can accomplish his task well in many cases. Realme Q has four cameras on the back of the phone for different jobs. Users are good at shooting near, far away or at night. This mobile phone is suitable for Photographers.

The second is HONOR 10 Lite. HUAWEI’s products have been popular. So, what is the actual situation of this product? Let’s see its data first. HONOR 10 Lite uses Kirin 710 chip. Kirin 710 chip is a powerful chip. The chip can handle many things. There are 32G and 64G ROMs with 3 GB of RAM. HONOR 10 Lite supports 4G, 3G and 2G networks. HONOR 10 Lite has WIFI hotspot function, USB2.0 and Bluetooth 4.2. It supports fingerprint identification system. HONOR 10 Lite has fast unlocking and paying. The overall security performance is higher. The phone can externally connect with USB 2.0, 3.5 mm headphones and microSD. HONOR 10 Lite has Dual AI Cameras and night photographing technology. Users enjoy photographing every moment of the day. It has the color of youthful vitality. Generally speaking, HONOR 10 Lite has a high cost performance. It is suitable for students to buy. The HONOR 10 Lite for sale in UK is underway. The promotion period is unmissable. The price of HONOR 10 Lite in HONOR’s official online store in UK will be reduced by 119.99.

There are many mobile phones under £150. But there are only a few worth buying. The two mobile phones recommended are only representatives. Users can buy phones according to their actual situation, hobbies, etc. However, users should consider after-sales issues when purchasing. Be sure to choose mobile phones produced by large factories. Such as experience shops like HUAWEI. Then you can get a good after-sales service.

These are the suggestions for you to buy smart phone. I hope this article can help you a little.

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