Tips For Choosing The Property And Condominiums With Feng Shui

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If you want your new home to become prosperous and benefits your health, improve social health, and double happiness for you and your family. And each Condo is different and needs to be managed separately to attract positive energy. Study the feng shui condo ( วง จุ้ย คอน โด, which is the term in Thai) which is the term in Thai, carefully to get assured that you follow the suggestions after knowing all the reasons behind it. Add this must have to your checklist to find the perfect condo/property for you and your family.

Location Of Your Building And Energy:

The energy and the vibes you get in the location get influenced by the located building. You may not have control over the main entrance, so you must choose the location of the main door wisely. A clean place will attract positive energy and gives that feeling of being safe.

Level Of The Apartment:

It is a belief that as you go upwards, you get more connected to nature, and as the number of condos above you decreases, the energy gets lighter, according to feng shui. Also, you get a better view, and more positive energy comes to your apartment. You must ensure to avoid any elevator or staircase front. It is always beneficial if the apartment has it’s facing in the direction of any lucky feng shui, but it is not compulsory.

Floor Plan Of Your Condo/Apartment:

It is one of the essential factors in how the floor plan gets designed. When you enter the living room, what is the first thing you face is the kitchen or a wall. You can rearrange the furnishing of your apartment according to the flow, but well, you cannot change the kitchen, bathroom position.

A Tall Storey And A Place Close To Water Bodies:

Having a home at a place that is close to the water bodies like a lake, river, pond, or even a swimming pool is believed to bring wealth and positive energy to your home. And especially if your main entrance, has it’s facing towards these.

Avoid Noisily And Busy Road Near Your Apartment:

To avoid negative energy and atmosphere getting attracted to your home, it is a must that you avoid these kinds of the apartment which are disturbing. And even a high rise building at a dead end is highly negative as the positive energy will not be able to move freely around.

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