Virtual Networking Strategies for Online MBA Students

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In today’s world on the internet, everything is online and everything is quickly available. From famous MBA chaiwala to Ashneer Grover, what is the most common trait in them is that they understand the power of virtual networking. Just like the groceries at your doorstep in 10 minutes, the recruiters also need to know about you, your career and your skills easily available to them. This is where virtual networking plays an important part. Virtual networking could be imagined serving everything about your skills and development on a platter, that platter is the Internet! Let’s learn 5 quick ways on how you can benefit through virtual networking through your online MBA journey.

Building Your Online Avatar: Get the First Impression Right

Build an online avatar. Your first impression is important. How you build your virtual skills will have a strong influence on your recruitment. Start with your LinkedIn profile, talk about your skills, and mention your education in detail including the specialisation, projects and assignments which you have completed.

Use a professional photograph, and write a short and compelling summary of your work experience. Moreover, make sure to highlight your achievements in the job experience, and education sections. This will attract potential connections and recruiters. Lastly, connect and follow people who are leaders in the industry that you want to pursue. Sharing your views on trending topics in your industry can also add extra positive brownie points for your networking.

Net-Working It: Smooth Sailing with Online Networking

Networking involves engaging in different communities. While you are doing your online MBA you have the perfect time to explore the various communities that support and uplift each other. Through this, you can promote your projects, your work and your passion towards enhancing any skill. Actively look out for communities that share a safe space to reflect their views, post their work and collectively inspire you to become better. This will boost your confidence and push you to upgrade your career. For example, you can join forums related to your industry, reconnect with former classmates through alumni groups, or become a member of professional associations relevant to your field.

By actively participating in these discussions, you not only represent your skills but also build meaningful relationships with fellow designers. This will keep you on the updated trends and you will have someone to refer you for an amazing job opportunity in future. Share your work with people, ask them for advice and connect with them on different job opportunities that are there in the industry that you are interested in.

Consistent engagement and genuine contributions are the key to establishing yourself as a trusted member within these online communities. Whether it’s sharing insights, offering support, or collaborating on projects, actively participating can lead to valuable connections and opportunities down the line.

Here is a resourceful list of communities in different industries that you can explore on the basis of your interests and job aspirations:

Industry Online Communities
Graphic Design – Reddit: r/graphic_design
– Behance: Designers Community
– Dribbble (design community and portfolio platform)
Finance – Wall Street Oasis (forum)
– The Finance Forums
– AnalystForum (community for finance professionals)
Technology – Hacker News (news aggregator for tech enthusiasts)
– Stack Exchange (Q&A platform covering various topics)
Marketing – Warrior Forum (internet marketing forum)
– GrowthHackers (community for growth-focused marketers)

Webinars & Virtual Events: Connect, Learn & Grow Your Virtual Profile

While doing your online MBA it is essential to attend webinars in order to learn more, connect and present yourself. Webinars are virtual platforms which are conductive and advanced in nature. They will provide you the chance to explore and discuss any topic which interests you. By attending webinars and workshops on your interested industries or your specific MBA, you can enhance your soft skills, your panel discussion skills, and your hard skills as well. They provide an open space to network and connect with some of the best in the industry.

For example, if you’re pursuing an MBA with a focus on marketing. You could seek out virtual events such as the Marketing Summit, which features keynote speakers, panel discussions, and networking opportunities specifically designed for marketing professionals. By attending live webinars hosted by known and famous marketers and actively participating in Q&A sessions, you can upskill yourself, you can also exchange ideas, and add connections with fellow attendees.

Here is a resourceful table of all the online webinars and events which would be helpful for you, feel free to check them out based on your online MBA:

MBA Specialization Online Platforms and Events
Marketing – HubSpot Academy Webinars
– American Marketing Association (AMA) Events
– LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Webinars
Finance – Bloomberg Webinars
– CFA Institute Events
– Financial Times Live Webinars
Entrepreneurship – Startup Grind Global Conference
– Entrepreneurial Webinar Series
– Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) Events


Connect Authentically: Create Meaningful Connections

In the world of networking during your online MBA, it is a must to prioritise quality over quantity. This is where your efforts count. Put your efforts into creating authentic and meaningful connections through social media platforms, real life, workshops and webinars. An important part of your career is you, how you present yourself, and how you connect with other people based on your skills and insights into your industry is essential. Build connections which would help you with your career goals. For example, if you’re a software developer seeking to connect with professionals in your field, you might reach out to a fellow developer whose work you admire. Create a personalised message highlighting specific aspects of their work that resonate with you and expressing a genuine desire to learn from their experiences.

Additionally, consider scheduling virtual coffee chats or informational interviews to deepen your connections. These informal discussions provide an opportunity to exchange perspectives, share insights, and uncover potential avenues for collaboration.

Here is a resourceful table on various networking platforms and their descriptions.

Platform Description
LinkedIn Professional networking platform for connecting with industry peers and potential collaborators.
Meetup Online platform facilitating virtual networking events and gatherings based on shared interests and professions.
Slack Communities Join industry-specific Slack communities to engage in discussions, share insights, and connect with like-minded professionals.
Virtual Networking Events Participate in virtual networking events hosted by professional associations, alumni groups, and industry organisations.

Unpack the Power of Alumini: Connect Online With Alumni Networks

Your university’s alumni network comprises graduates who have previously attended the institution. These alumni can be a valuable resource for networking and mentorship opportunities as they have shared experiences and connections within various industries. You can use the online platforms to connect with the university’s alumni on topics which interest you or your field or your online MBA specialisation. For example, if you studied at the University of Oxford, the university’s alumni directory can help you find and reach out to former students who have pursued careers in fields such as law, finance, or academia. By engaging with alumni events, networking initiatives, and mentorship programmes organised by your alma mater, you can expand your professional network and gain insights from experienced professionals.

Participating in mentorship programmes done by your university allows you to connect with alumni who are willing to offer guidance and support as you progress in your career. These mentors can provide valuable advice, share their experiences, and help you navigate the complexities of your chosen profession. By doing so you will have access to more resources, better connections and job opportunities which might not be popular yet. Do not forget to refer yourself to different alumni and networks.

Here are the resources to connect with your alumni on your online MBA specialisation and job opportunities.

Table 1: Online Networking Platforms

Platform Vibe and Perks
LinkedIn & Co. Professional networking sites with a spicy Online MBA twist. Targeted groups, industry insights, expert connections.
Webinars & Conferences High-powered conferences without the jet lag. Industry experts, cutting-edge knowledge, virtual networking rooms.
Online Interest Groups Facebook groups for ambitious Online MBAs. Shared passions, peer support, collaborative projects.
Local Alumni Chapters Networking events, guest speaker sessions, city-specific career guidance.


We have also collected a resourceful list of YouTube channels which talk about the MBA journey, connections, skills and job opportunities. Check this out below.

Table 2: YouTube Channels for Business Education

YouTube Channel Topic
Financially Simple Business Education Hub Financial education for entrepreneurs.
MBA Crystal Ball MBA admissions and career guidance.
GMAT with Magoosh GMAT preparation tips and strategies.
Career Launcher Career guidance and exam preparation.
Learning Routes Official Skill development and educational resources.



In the virtual world, the boundaries of networking are limitless. Use these virtual platforms in your favour by engaging with online communities, and cultivating meaningful connections, online MBA students can unlock a wealth of opportunities to enhance their professional journey. Embrace the power of virtual networking to expand your network, gain valuable insights, and propel your career forward in today’s interconnected world. Remember, the key to successful networking lies in authenticity, persistence, and a willingness to seize every opportunity that comes your way.

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