What does Manga stands for?

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It’s a short story which is generally published in Japanese. It is a vital part of the Japanese comic industry. These are comics or we can say that these are kind of graphic novels which are originated in Japan. Most of Manga conform to a specific style developed in the late 19th century in Japan. Mange is the term which is used in Japan to refer to the both comic and cartooning. There are many characteristics which makes manga outstanding as an art style. Please Manga characters are best known for their large eyes, all mouth and hair color which is always abnormal. This different kind of structure gives them Western look. These characters generally show their over exaggerated emotions.

Let’s elaborate about the first Manga

Many of us want to know about the very first Manga and the answer is the very first Manga magazine was Shinbone nipponchi which was published in 1874 by kanagaki Robin. It seems that it was influenced by the Japan punch which was the pioneering magazine in Japanese. This panel Japanese magazine was published between 1862 and 1887 and the publisher was Charles wingmen.

Let’s more about the inventor of Manga

The artist Hokusai was the inventor of Manga, who created this term. It was his the first most famous picture and was able to get identification

Is it good or bad to อ่านการ์ตูน?

It is very good for one’s brain. In fact reading it can make you benefitted. This cartoon comic can benefit those who have ASD.

Which is the world longest Manga?

As far as the longest Manga is concerned the dogbane is the longest comic series of this term Manga.

What is the basic format to อ่านการ์ตูน?

The basic format is to read this comic series is right to left. And the reason behind this theory is kanji, which is a Japanese writing and follows tategaki which is a way of writing used in Japanese literature.

This is a special form of writing which follows the format Right to left, it means in this form the script starts from the right to the left. So if you want to อ่านการ์ตูน then you should have knowledge about this format kanji.

We read it because we want to please our eyes and our soul. The images presented in this comic directly reach to our soul and make us happy.


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