Weight loss management through Adipotide’ peptide therapy

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With time, more and more peptides are being discovered. With this, we also get to understand how effectively each of them works for the human body. In recent time, a new peptide has joined this family and it’s called ‘Adipotide’. In this article, we will get to know more about this peptide and how it is beneficial for the body. 

Adipotide Peptide: General Information 

Adipotide is also commonly called FTPP was established in the year 2011. It is a weight loss experimental treatment that has also proven to be effective in killing fat cells. It works by starving the fat cells of the blood supply. Eventually, through this process, they die and get absorbed by our bodies. Hence it is also regarded as a diet as well as a cancer pill. 

Adipotide is known to be a peptidomimetic compound that is man-made. Since it contains pro-apoptotic elements, it has shown considerable progress towards the reduction of weight loss in monkeys and rodents. 

This peptide was originally formed for cancer treatment. Its chief work was to stop the blood supply to cancer cells; hence it starved and died eventually. The initial tests were performed on rodents and monkeys. It hence showed positive results when it came to shedding weight in both cases. 

This is eventually how researchers felt that this peptide would also be useful to shed bodyweight in humans. Adipose tissue would eventually reduce due to the death of fat cells. As a result, the circumference of the waist would lessen along with a reduction in BMI 

How does Adipotide work in the body? 

Adipotide is known to be a chimeric peptide. In simpler terms, it comprises of two components and when they are combined, they affect how prohibitins (PHBs) function. A study was conducted on rats where it was shown that it decreased almost 30 percent of their body weight. An experiment was also done on ten obese female rhesus monkies where they got injected with adipotide for four weeks and they lost around forty percent of fat. 

The Adipotide formula needs to be injected so that it will eventually kill the fat cells in the body. The subcutaneous fat will along with time decrease once the fat cells are dead. This way blood supply also comes to a stop wherein the cells cannot grow or survive anymore. You can buy Adipotide FTPP online but ensure that you get it from an authentic place. 

The benefits you gain through Adipotide peptide 

As per the researches done, there sure seems to be tons of benefits that one can gain through this peptide. Not only is it highly effective when it comes to decreasing fat from the body, but it also ultimately targets and kills cancer cells. This is done by starving and stopping the supply of blood to it. 

Some additional benefits of Adipotide: 

A lot of research has been done on the adipotide peptide and it sure has some great results:

  • In animal subjects, it has worked towards reducing body fat and deposits
  • Even after you discontinue the peptide, the results continue 
  • Weight gain will be minimal since the fat cells are starved of blood supply

It’s Cons:

  • You might feel dehydrated
  • In a small number of cases, it has shown to generate kidney lesions.

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