Double Eyelid Surgery Has Gained Popularity Over The Past Few Years

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Beautiful eyes are the prime attraction of your face, so if you have droopy eyelids or a double eyelid, it will turn your face dull. So double eyelid surgery is most common among Asians to make their eyes bold and beautiful. This surgery has become common as it is the most well-known cosmetic surgery worldwide.

How Is It Done?

 If you are facing this problem which is making your eyes asymmetrical, then surgery will be the best option for you, and the process is not time taken; before proceeding, further anesthesia will be given, and a small incision will be made to remove the excess fat from the eyes turning it into the single eyelid. Few preventive measures need to be taken to avoid further disruption.

Why Do We Need This Surgery?

Few of us are unhappy with our eyes as we have droopy or uneven eyelids, and the eye muscles become weak due to age or genetic factors. There are people whose eyes look as tiring as having sleepy eyes, so these problems can only be solved through surgery. Before surgery, the doctor will run a few tests to see whether the patient is allergic to any medicine. So through the New lovely Microlaser technology, this whole process is done where the patient will not feel anything.


As it’s a short surgery, precautions must be taken; otherwise, it will result in an infection. The medicines or lotions prescribed by the surgeon must be followed thoroughly. Rinsing or rubbing the eyes is highly not recommended once the doctor asks you for that. In this particular surgery, the wound is small and heals quickly. There are two process incisional and non-incisional methods of surgery. The incision method takes a bit of time, and swelling can happen, but through laser or non-incisional method, bruises are hardly seen, and the work gets completed within hours. The healing process is also very fast.


So patients are normally advised to avoid strenuous activities for a few days, and bruises and swelling are common initially, but it doesn’t last long. So if you are willing to go for this surgery, try to consult the best doctor, and if you are doubtful or need to know more about this surgery, the link is given below to give you a detailed analysis of the procedure.

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