Digital Marketing Influencing the Rise of Franchise Businesses in India

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Popular statistics and studies show that the franchising industry is growing by at least 30% per year in India. The reasons for this range from the government reforms and the good track records of existing franchise companies, which has given other franchise companies more confidence to expand in the country.

However, arguably the most significant reason for franchise businesses becoming more popular in India is digital marketing. Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, refers to using the internet and Information Technology to promote a company. This has helped companies to reach more customers and at lesser costs.

Digital Marketing Helps Reach More Potential Customers

India has one of the biggest internet populations in the world. It is estimated that more than half a billion people have been using the internet in the country. It basically means that with the rise of the internet, and the growing development in India, companies can find unlimited buyers, and many are doing so, being capable of later expanding their company as a franchise.

Another benefit of digital marketing for local companies is that it brings them to a common ground with the international brands. Meaning that as digital marketing is more affordable than traditional marketing methods, even small businesses can run the same marketing ideas and methods as big corporations. Thus, it gives both business owners and potential franchisees more confidence that they can get success with the right techniques.

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Digital Marketing for Branding

Digital Marketing has various channels, including SEO, Social Media Marketing, eCommerce Marketing, etc. These days, almost all the digital marketing methods favor companies who are willing to make life easier for the people around them, and not just to make a sale.

For example, Google search engine’s latest algorithms support websites with better performance than keywords and help them rank on the top. The same goes for social media; Facebook and Twitter’s ads are more effective for people who know exactly who their target audience are, and even Tiktok- which will promote videos that have more engagement.

What this all means is that digital marketing is helpful for brands more than businesses that merely buy stuff for less and sell them at a higher price. Again, it is the brands that eventually become franchises. 

Digital Marketing to Advertise the Franchise Itself

One of the necessities of making your franchise business a success is actually finding franchisees. Doing this can be difficult, especially for startups and local companies, as more businesspeople would opt to start their own company.

At the same time, before the internet was what it is today, people didn’t really get to know about franchise opportunities if they were interested. They didn’t have enough resources or links to know if they could start a business under an established brand name.

All that has changed with internet marketing, and especially with websites like Easy Buy Sell Business starting operations in India, investors are being exposed to more opportunities. Especially business buy sell portals, where investors can come together to buy and sell business, have been immensely helpful and valuable to the entire concept of franchising. 

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