What Issues Make your Aircon Not Cold?

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An air conditioner regulates the temperature of a room. While it generally works fine, there may be times when it fails. This occurs most often during hot weather, when its use is most popular. The reasons can vary and one needs to know all about it in order to make the proper solutions.

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Clogged Air Filter Clogged and Accumulated Dust

Over time, dust gets lodged in the device, much like a computer. This can happen when the air in the aircon circulates and entraps dust, which will remain blocked at the air conditioner filter. This will create a kind of blockage, preventing the air from circulating properly. It is therefore obvious that the cooling cycle will not operate properly. For this reason, it is essential to clean the filter regularly.

On a model with an outdoor unit, it is also advisable to clean the condenser well in summer with a specific spray to avoid dust.

The Exhaust Duct Is Blocked

On a mobile air conditioning system, your exhaust duct may be incorrectly positioned or its outlet may be blocked.

As a reminder, the evacuation tube must be as straight as possible (no overly pronounced bends). The section of the duct must not be reduced or lengthened too much. Finally, the air outlet valve to the outside must not be blocked.

Faults In The Condenser Coils

Through the condenser coils, heat is sucked in and compressed. Through this process, the refrigerant comes out. This whole process makes sure that the air is cooled down substantially. If the condenser coil does not work properly, then the cooling will also not take place as expected.

Compressor Failure

The compressor is the engine of the air conditioner. In the existing closed refrigeration circuit, the compressor will allow the refrigerant to be compressed, which will increase its pressure and, therefore, its temperature. By compressing, the fluid absorbs energy from the available air in the form of heat. If the compressor does not perform its task, a part of the system will be affected. If one side of the fluid is heated, it must be cooled on the other (and vice versa).

Circuit Leak

The refrigerant circuit in which the fluid circulates is sealed. If there is a loose nut or weld, you will lose more and more yield and a specialist will be needed for repair.

Low Pressure Of The Gas

The gas level of the compressor needs to be of a certain level for the compressor to work properly. If it is not at the expected level, then the cooling process can be hampered to a great extent. The gas leakage can be caused because of cracks or damages in the aircon. 

Now that you know these reasons, you will be able to address all these matters when your aircon malfunctions.


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