3 Common Challenges When Learning a New Language

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When learning a new language you will likely face a number of obstacles. Like learning any other skill, it will take effort and time before you are able to become fluent. Sometime, this foreign language is also completely unlike your native language. Therefore, it takes a lot of courage to listen to, read and write in a language that is foreign to you. 

Many times, students get very frustrated when they put weeks or months’ worth of effort, and feel like they have barely made any progress. If you have taken up a foreign language you have probably felt this way at one point. The following are 3 challenges that students commonly face.


During the first stages of your language learning classes, it is perfectly understandable to feel frustrated. It usually means that you are pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. Unfortunately, many people quit at this stage believing that they will never understand the language. What you need to realize is once you get past this stage, you will enjoy the process more. What sets you apart as a good student is your ability to move past it and forge on. 

An effective way to reduce your frustration is to ensure that you take the process a step at a time. This will make you feel less overwhelmed unlike when you take up a big challenge. If say you have no prior knowledge in a language and want to learn, start by setting small goals. For instance, your goal could be learning 10 common French words. Also remember to celebrate any small wins as your brain will be stimulated to make more progress henceforth.

2.Cost of learning

Another challenge that many people face when learning a foreign language is the cost. Like many other skills, you need to pay a considerable amount to be fluent in a foreign language. This isn’t to say that the free lessons aren’t any good. However, if you want comprehensive and lasting results, you should be willing to part with some money. The best way to learn is usually through immersion with a professional, who is also a native speaker. 

Thankfully with technology, you don’t have to travel to other countries to learn their languages. You can receive quality coaching from the comfort of your home and at a reasonable price. 

3.Limited time

No one ever seems to have enough time to accomplish what they intend to. If you have a busy job or even work multiple jobs it may be difficult to carve out enough time to learn a new language. Apart from your job you also have a social life and even family that need your attention. 

What you may not know is that even half an hour daily is enough to learn a new language thanks to the internet. Unlike most of the other classes, you don’t need to commute to and from your local college. 

Learning a new language opens you up to the world. These challenges should thus not stop you from experiencing the joy of being a multi-lingual speaker.


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