3 Reasons Why I’m Moving to a Tengah HDB Flat

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After finishing college and working for a few years, I finally had the money to move out of my parents’ house and start a new chapter of my life. At first, I needed to figure out where to go. My parents wanted me to move into a condo only across the street from theirs, but I wanted to experience true independence without them hovering over me. Then, I stumbled across a Tengah HDB advertisement online. It’s a new town emphasising sustainable and green living, and its developers are implementing efficient ways to achieve their goals. I knew that Tengah was going to be my new home.

At first, my parents questioned why I wanted to move into a new town that wasn’t completely developed yet. But after I told them my reasons, they began supporting me wholeheartedly. Here are three reasons why I chose a Tengah HDB flat as my home.

1. Refreshing Lifestyle

Tengah has five districts: the Plantation District, Garden District, Park District, Forest Hill District, and Brickland District. Each district offers a refreshingly sustainable and healthy lifestyle that benefits the citizens and the planet. For example, Tengah developers gave the Plantation District the Plantation Farmway, a community farming area I plan to participate wholeheartedly. I will be able to grow produce that I can use for meals or share at farmers’ markets. The other districts also focus on new and sustainable lifestyles, such as Park District’s ‘car-free’ lifestyle.

2. Sustainable Energy Sources

The developers of Tengah have implemented solar panel systems from Singapore on the HDB building roofs, and the power generated from these systems will power part of the total energy used in Tengah. Even my HDB flat has a solar panel system on its rooftop, partially powering the energy of the entire building. Because the new town has so many solar panel systems, it significantly contributes to the nation’s goal of achieving two gigawatt-peak solar capacity by 2030. I want to be part of a town that emphasises renewable energy instead of harmful finite sources.

3. Electric Vehicle Charging

Whenever I have to leave my Tengah HDB to go around the new town, I know I won’t be harming the environment. That’s because I’ll be using my electric vehicle, and luckily for me, Tengah developers have made sure to put many EV charging stations around the town. I’ll be able to park my car at a charging station and plug it in while I do my errands. By the time I’m done, I’ll have a full ‘tank’ ready to go so I can go home without any problems. This emphasis on electric vehicles instead of gasoline cars will positively impact the environment, and I’m happy to contribute.

Are you interested in moving into a Tengah HDB flat? Becoming a Tengah citizen will contribute to sustainable living and enjoy electric vehicle charging, centralised cooling, solar energy, and much more. Choose a district to call home and enjoy farming at Plantation District or a car-free lifestyle at Park District. For more information about Tengah’s development, visit MyTengah’s website.

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