A Few Facts about Carpets Can Surprise You

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In most of our homes and office we have carpets, but did you know that if you do not send your carpet regularly to any steam cleaning company then it becomes a major source of dust and allergens? Only with regular cleaning, you can retain its warranty, but also get back its original look, smell, and feel for longer.

Usually, most carpets are even dirtier than what we probably think. The following are few facts that may scare you:

  1. Your carpet acts as the biggest air-filter at home. Your house interior acts like a trap for dirt, dust, pet dander, and much more. Usually, your indoor air may contain twice the amount of dust as the air outside.
  2. About 2,000 dust mites are present in each ounce of your carpet dust, which are thriving on various dead skin cells. The residues that are left behind get mixed with dust and then become airborne, which can become a potential cause of allergies.
  3. You will end up every year, accumulating soil of several pounds under your carpet.

Therefore, it is essential to vacuum your carpet regularly and also get it a deep clean at least once a year. Then your carpet will look as well as smell much better. Keeping your carpets clean will be very important for several reasons.

The following are a few facts that you should know about dirty carpets.

1.    Carpets can always attract dirt and greasy residue

The oily residue generated every day in your home and also your family pets are carried in and gets into your carpet. This dirt can change the carpet color and are compounded. They will become permanent if you do not deep clean your carpet.

2.    Sandy soil can tear your carpet apart

There will be a sandpit of soil present in your carpet, which cannot be removed by your home vacuum cleaners. Such kind of dirt is usually not visible, but is actually grinding your carpet, every time you either sit or walk on the carpets.

3.    Your carpets may be containing many germs that can make you ill

Usually, your carpet traps pollen, fungi, bacteria, chemicals, cigarette smoke, residues, and tars. Once your carpet is full of them, it stops trapping these air pollutants. You need professional cleaning for all these trapped pollutants.

4.    Bad news for sufferers of allergy, asthma, eczema, and rhinitis

If your carpet gets infested with dust then it can trigger asthma attacks. People often search for a solution to their problem but it is well under their feet. For people having environmental allergies, dirty carpets may pose a serious health issue.

5.    Carpets can always get too heavy with dirt

Carpets, as you know, can attract all the bags of dust due to traffic and may end up becoming too heavy over some time.

6.    Your carpet has more bugs than a toilet seat

Due to various traffics that your carpet encounters, its germ can be dirtier than even your toilet seat as many different organisms must be living in them.

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