4 Beneficial Principles of a Youth Leadership Programme

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My parents encouraged me to spend my time on more meaningful endeavours like youth entrepreneurship and leadership training. These programmes encouraged us to examine our strengths and shortcomings and create personal and professional objectives. It also raises their self-esteem, confidence, drive, and capacity to achieve them. 

The youth leadership training programme I found teaches young people like me to manage time, create goals, initiate dialogues, supervise meetings, and deliver excellent presentations. I did not think I would enjoy being part of such an initiative. These four principles of the programme are what benefit each participant.

#1 Unleashes Everyone’s Leadership Potential

Every person in the youth entrepreneurship program I joined considers each individual a potential leader. However, not everyone is comfortable leading a meeting or speaking at an event. Nevertheless, they let us discuss a project with instructors or write a letter to the school or community newspaper. The program considers all the ways youth may get engaged with their community.

#2 Provides Feedback to Build Confidence

The program I was in believes that young people develop as leaders when caring adults take the time to provide meaningful feedback and build their self-confidence. The staff met with young leaders and entrepreneurs from all parts of Singapore in the youth leadership programme I attended. Sometimes it occurs when walking before or after a meeting to fetch food. It lets them ask questions and provide feedback that boosts our confidence.

#3 Opportunities Though Events & Activities

Many of the eager young entrepreneurs of Singapore in my group found it challenging to stand back and play a supportive role. However, those who come out as better individuals and thrive in leadership roles were willing to let others take the lead. They also reiterated that leaders should be accountable when they fail to complete an assignment in the youth leadership programme. It allowed us to feel even prouder of ourselves when we succeeded.

#4 Tons of Training Opportunities with Clear Guidance

I believe every youth should participate in an entrepreneurship or leadership program to grasp public health challenges, educational models, and successful public relations strategies. The training sessions in most programmes I encountered are conducted by in-house personnel or by an outside resource person. They ensure that we, adolescents, are prepared for each activity and enhance our confidence. It also allowed me to make better use of my time.

One of the primary events we need to organise is an outreach programme that benefits our community. It lets me interact with peers in ways most health centre personnel cannot fully imitate. We were able to assist providers and staff in staying informed about the needs of the population served.

I hope my volunteer experience with Singapore International Foundation (SIF) creates positive change and improves intercultural understanding. I was able to interact with volunteers from various backgrounds. I can proudly say I benefited from their local and international volunteer cooperation initiatives and gained meaningful and lasting experiences. Visit their website to learn more about their services and volunteer opportunities where youth leaders and entrepreneurs from Singapore and abroad can participate.

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