Best Skincare Products You Should Include in Your Routine

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2020 has been a hell of a year for us. However, it is also a year of many lessons learned. One important thing we’ve learned is how being quarantined can affect our skin. Some have quarantine glows while some have indoor breakouts. Nonetheless, it is important to know that our skin adjusts and changes from time to time.

People have been raving about K beauty products for some time now. Here are the best skincare products that you should include in your next shopping haul.

Face mask



Having online classes, or having a work-from-home setup and facing the computer all day can be stressful for your face. A face mask at the end of the day can help lock in all moistures and nutrients from your skincare regimen. Using a face mask is like therapy for your skin after a tiring day. Make sure you use a face mask that has the necessary ingredients that can benefit your face. Avoid face masks that can irritate your face or block your pores.



Even when you are just indoors, applying sunscreen is a must. Facing a computer or a cellphone screen puts you at risk of developing sun damage if you do not use sunscreen.

Screens emit blue light that may damage the skin. Make sure to use a product with at least SPF 50, and reapply throughout the day. One of the main culprits of premature aging is UV rays from the sun. These may damage the skin’s barrier, which may be irreversible in the long run. When you have dry and damaged skin, even the most expensive makeup cannot hide it.

Two-step cleansers

Double-cleansing your skin is the best way to remove dirt, grime, and sebum buildup from the day. When you apply makeup on your skin, the dirt may build up deep into the pores and may be hard to remove with just one type of cleanser. However, even now that you’re at home, you should still double-cleanse to remove the sweat and other dirt particles that may get stuck in your pores.

Moisturizing toners

The good thing about beauty products these days is they can be double-acting. A toner is not just a toner; it can also moisturize. Sitting in one place the whole day can put your skin at risk of developing an unbalanced PH. Rebalance your skin’s PH by using a toner. Choose a toner that does not strip off your skin’s natural moisture.

Hydrating serums

Serums are important to give your skin that boost of nourishment needed to keep it looking healthy and naturally glowing. Even if you are just at home, add this step to your skincare routine so that you can have that healthy glow whenever you’re in an online meeting with your friends, classmates, or workmates.

We can all agree that 2020 was a year full of regrettable, scary, or upsetting events. As the days started to blend together, it’s important that you keep routines that give you a boost of happy hormones. Care for your skin so that when you look at the mirror, you will see hope for a better day.

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