Know The Cycling Clothes You Should Wear

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From head to toe, there are pieces of cycling clothing that suit both road and mountain biking. From a distance, people perceive a cyclist on the road, and it is not only because of the obviousness of the bike but because he is wearing specific clothes. Those who do not pedal do not know that this different look has functions that a pedal requires. And you already know each piece of cycling clothing that will help you ride with more comfort and safety? Check out, in this article, everything about bike clothing!


The first and foremost pedaling part is light, a resistant material that does not accumulate sweat. In addition to the advantages that already guarantee greater practicality for cycling, it has a “sticky” profile to facilitate its movements and not grab the saddle.

Other than that, the central aspect of good cycling shorts should have been their padded lining. This part serves to relieve the pressure of your weight in the region supported on the saddle, in addition to preventing diaper rash.


The cycling jerseys follow the pattern glued to the body to improve aerodynamics that “cut the wind”, and make you gain more speed.

In addition, they are made of mesh that does not soak with sweat and maintains your body temperature. The high points of these clothes for cycling are also cut in strategic areas, for example, under the armpits, for air intake. Pockets and reflective strips are also great allies in these pieces of cycling clothing, which work to reinforce your safety on the pedal.


Just like cycling shorts, the pants have the same advantages and patterns like these. The difference is that the bike pants don’t get very hot and can even be used on a hot day if you don’t want the sun marks on your legs. In addition, while some models have a zipper on the shin, others have internal silicone so as not to “get up” during the pedal.


The cycling jacket is divided into a few categories, and each has its function.


Made of heavier and thicker material prevents the wind from passing through the clothes and cools your body.


In light material, which can be very compacted, it is suitable for days when the wind is firm but cold. This jacket does not keep the body warm.

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