Everything You Need To Know About Filler Injections

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In the present world, everyone wants to look young, glowing without wrinkles or dull skin. As we know, the face is the center of attraction. It is like a monitor for the setup. So, everyone focuses more on their face because they want it to look good. After all, your face will mostly judge you. Suppose you think your cheeks or lips size could be better, and you want to make them slightly big.

So there are several beauty products there, and many treatments or medicines are there also. But there is another option, or we can say treat is there as Filler Injection (ฉีด Filler, Which is the term in Thai). Do not worry if you do not know about this because you are on the right page.

This article will discuss much about this and provide helpful information. So here we go.

What Are Filler Injections?

The filler injection technique is a nonsurgical process in which they give you injections at the parts they thought needed treatment, like to pump up your wrinkled skin and smoothen it if you want to enhance the size of your interest, like your lips, chicks, and many more. Several people approach this technique as they find it useful by the reviews they hear from their knowns, and some people do not agree that it is a safe procedure. Filler injection can give your face the old glow you had and the symmetry to your face. Discuss everything with your cosmetic provider about the treatment’s risks, rewards, and everything before proceeding.

Pros And Cons Of Doing Filler Injections

As we know, there is nothing with zero negative aspects; if there is a reward, then you have to take risks also, so let us discuss the pros and cons of the treaty of filler injections as mentioned below:


· Fast Result:

The effect of the treatment can be seen in significantly less time, sometime just after the process. The procedure also takes hardly an hour to finish. It is a fast-moving process with results also.

· Effect Stay Long:

The effect of the filler injection stays sometimes for years and sometimes for a month or less.

· Provides A Different Look On Your Face:

It will enhance your beauty and your facial structure, remove wrinkles, and give more glows to your face.


  • Sometimes it may leave scars or damage to the skin.
  • Redness, itching, swelling, pain sometimes.
  • Pimples and itching may also occur.

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