Benefits of enrolling your child in the IGCSE board:

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IGCSE is a board that is based on the curriculum of the UK and modified by schools according to local demands and environmental requirements. The uniqueness of the IGCSE syllabus is to provide a wide range of subjects from where schools can select and develop the combination of subjects they wish to offer their students. The IGCSE curriculum is certainly a gateway to your child’s passion. It was developed to polish a pebble to make a gem. 

In India this course is taught more than 130 schools. You can easily select IGCSE schools near me through the internet. Throughout the world, it is taught in schools in more than 140 countries and is recognized by colleges and universities around the world, especially in the United Kingdom and other commonwealth countries.

Global Education:

The IGCSE curriculum ensures uniformity of education across the globe by focusing on skills development and creative thinking. Skills development enables learners to feel confident, which increases their self-esteem; Problem-solving skills help learners manage difficult situations easily. Collaborative learning allows students to develop team-building and leadership skills. The IGCSE board helps hone these skills, thereby prepares them for global education.

Choice of the subject:

The IGCSE board gives the freedom to students to choose an academic course that suits them. The subject you have selected should correspond to your career objectives or further study plans. The choice of subjects and the expanded content structure of the IGCSE allow students to adapt to other courses in schools all over the world intelligently and quickly. Whenever a student moves from one board or school setting to another, there is inevitably a skills gap but the broad scope of the IGCSE minimizes this skill gap if a student switches to another course.

Student Centric Approach:

The IGCSE curriculum focuses on the student. It utilizes teaching and learning practices designed to optimize how a student can learn. In addition, The IGCSE gives priority to the individual needs of students. It fosters learning through explorations and real links, with the survey playing a pivotal role. The course encourages students to study diverse topics and develop questioning and analyses that will assist them in deepening their understanding of the world. It enables students whose mother tongue is not English to learn more time during the curriculum before demonstrating their learning at the end.

IB Diploma:

The IGCSE is intended to prepare students for further international studies like IB DP and admission to international universities. Thus, in terms of content awareness, the IGCSE established an excellent basis for the IB diploma. Students will also have experience in the examination conditions. So if you want to give the best education to your child, you should enroll your child in the IGCSE board according to your location by search it as IGCSE schools near me. Each school will be different in the way it manages the balance of knowledge and the 21st-century competencies that are considered so important in today’s world this can ease the transition from IGCSE Board to the IB Diploma.

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