Grieving With Grace: Your Ultimate Guide To Funeral Planning

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Funeral planning, or even just thinking about arranging everything, can make anyone feel uneasy, apprehensive, or anxious. The whole thing instantly rings your anxiety alarm bells, especially if you are organising it for yourself, a dear family member, or someone you know who has recently died. If that sets your fretfulness ringing, you’re not alone in this funeral planning. Getting tasked with organising and arranging funeral services can feel very frightening.

Below you’ll find a few pieces of advice on funeral planning and getting started, from managing costs, finding a funeral home, and choosing a florist, to planning the wake–plus much more. Use this funeral planning checklist for future reference.


Whether Buddhism, Taoism, or Christian funeral service in Singapore, your first decision should be choosing a funeral home to help you with everything. Although this is a challenging time, it is critical to have a funeral director.

They offer a 24 hour funeral service, including taking care of the deceased, collecting the remains, overseeing proceedings, guided planning with choices available to the bereaved family, and coordinating with other parties involved in the funeral.


In Singapore, funeral services can vary depending on your chosen event type. Some selections you can choose from are the following:

1. FUNERAL. Funeral planning often happens inside a funeral home, church, chapel or home. The body is in a casket, open or closed, allowing the people and guests to bid goodbye.

2. MEMORIAL. This funeral planning method also happens in a church, funeral home, or home, but the body of the dead isn’t present.

3. GRAVESIDE. Like traditional funeral planning, there is also a funeral service. However, the ceremony occurs near the grave before the burial. Hence, the name graveside service. As a way of saying goodbye, people will lay flowers on the casket before it gets lowered to the ground.


Another step in funeral planning is arranging and deciding on the preparations you want to include in the service. You have two options for the final funeral arrangement.

1. WAKE OR VIEWING. This reserved arrangement allots private time for close friends, relatives, and family members to bid goodbye to the deceased.

2. VISITATION. This arrangement is similar to a wake, but the body is typically not present during this event, offering a perfect time for anyone wanting to speak with the dead alone and without time constraints.


It is no secret that Singapore funeral services, no matter what the religion is, can get pricey. A simple casket can range from S$4,000 to S$8,000 and doesn’t include optional extras, such as floral arrangements, officiators, or transport. Ensure to include the expenses in your funeral planning.

In Singapore, funeral services have a crucial role for everyone. For instance, Buddhism is one of the religions in the country. Buddhists believe that funeral ceremonies remind them of one of Buddha’s teachings, impermanence. One of the core ways to overcome anxiety and arrange a funeral is to educate yourself about this funeral planning task.

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