How to Install Tiles on a Bathroom Floor?

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Homeowners want to make their living area well organized, more spacious, and have an updated style. Thus, they plan home remodeling work to make it happen. Home renovations are not only limited to the living room and the kitchen. Instead, the bathroom can also be remodeled. People can do a shower remodeling project to have a pleasant, clean, and refreshing bathroom environment.

Bathroom remodeling can include changing the bathtub to showers Irvine, CA, replacing toilets and sinks, and updating countertops and cabinets inside the room. Many homeowners want to maximize the room’s space by removing bathtubs, but the process can damage the flooring, walls, and even plumbing. Hence, some prefer to install bath fitters instead, as it is a simpler and faster remodel of the bath area and does not harm other parts of the room.

Accordingly, shower remodel Irvine, CA, is not limited to updating the bathroom units, but it extends to removing and replacing wall and floor tiles. Water and time are two factors that can damage the bathroom floors. These factors cause tiles and grout to crack and allow mold and mildew to thrive due to the high moisture produced when the room is used for bathing.

Like replacing other bathroom units, installing tiles can be costly and an excruciating process, requiring professional people to do the job. However, even if the process may become difficult for unskilled homeowners, many choose to do the job on their own to save money. People doing DIY home renovation projects often research the process independently and invest in the tools needed to do the task properly by themselves.

Consequently, homeowners need to know the right equipment to use when installing bathroom tiles. These include a hammer, drill, drill mixer, drywall saw, offset saw, diamond blade, angle grinder, level, tape measure, tile cutter, caulk gun, grout float, margin and notched trowels, and nippers. They must also invest in safety equipment, such as safety glasses, knee pads, and a dust mask, to ensure they are protected while on the job.

There are many things to consider before the actual tile installation. Homeowners need to estimate their tile project’s cost and measure their bathrooms’ square footage to know how much tiles, cement, and grout to order. When ordering tiles, people have to be specific with the type and style of tiles they will install in the room. Therefore, before buying in bulks, they should first get some tile samples and determine the tiles’ layout to see how they will look like on the bathroom floor.

When everything has been decided, and homeowners have already ordered their materials, they can now start the tile installation process. There are many sources on the internet that people can read to learn how to install a tile. Theoretically, it is easy to study how to do the tile installation, but the actual installation work can be difficult. 

Some homeowners who are not confident with their skills to do the tile installation will hire a professional contractor to do the job. In contrast, others will try to do the task themselves to lessen their remodeling project expenses. This infographic from Duracare Baths discusses how to install tiles on a bathroom floor.How to Install Tiles on a Bathroom Floor? duracare baths


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