The Importance of Using Rhetorical Devices in Essays

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The purpose of some articles or essays is not only to show the author’s point of view or to explore a particular topic, but also to persuade the reader. It is important to be able to write academic papers of such type for some assignments. Rhetoric is arguably the most essential part of persuasive texts as it helps to involve the reader into virtual discussion with the author and ultimately agree with the writer’s statements. You can find a deeper explanation of these types of essays at

What are rhetorical devices?

Rhetorical devices are basically the persuasive tools that can help an author to show his point of view in a way that encourages the audience to think of it as the right one. The roots of rhetoric go from Ancient Greece, where philosophers used is to improve their oratorical skills.

Main types of rhetorical devices include:

  • Logos. It is based upon logical statements that can make the reader interesting. For many people logic is the main argument in most cases.
  • Pathos is quite the opposite tool. Even though many people rely upon logical evidence, some of them see the emotional part of the problem as important. This tool appeals to the feelings of the audience.
  • Ethos is the third of the most important rhetorical techniques. It uses the ethical side of the topic to change the readers’ minds. This tool is especially effective in today’s tolerant world.

Where can you use rhetoric?

Most of the academic papers can benefit from the use of rhetorical devices. Such types of essays as Argumentative or Cause and Effect essays require clear explanation and persuasive techniques to reassure the readers about the topic. Even though these tools were created in Ancient Greece long ago, they are still very relevant and can improve any piece of text.

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