My Life As A Parent: Enrolling My Teen In A Chinese Tutor Class

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People say raising an infant and focusing on their growth and development is no easy feat. In my case, it does not end after your child learns how to walk and go to school because dealing with a teenager can be a challenging journey for some. I wanted to secure their academic success through different methods, such as an AP Chinese course or any other programme to improve their chances of getting into university. 

Gladly, I reached my goals despite a few hurdles that made me rethink my life choices in education and raising a teenager. Here are the reasons why parents should consider Chinese programmes for their children: 


Most parents and students think being competitive in the global community can be done by learning English and immersing themselves in people from all over the world. However, living in Singapore is different: I have put a premium on exploring the Chinese language and its culture to traverse waves and adapt. Because of this, I wanted my teenager to have an IGCSE qualification in Singapore and other language programmes that equip them with skills that let them interact with the world of learners. 


Since language goes beyond the grammar and use of words, I realised that this is a way to immerse in your respective culture. In our case, having lived in many countries throughout my children’s early days and recently settled back in Singapore, I wanted them to experience their heritage for personal and academic reasons: To learn about where they came from and become citizens of this world. In short, it is not just about getting desired grades and awards but for a deeper understanding. 


My teenager has no plans yet on what programme they want to take for university, and I do not mind whatever path they choose. However, I decided to trust a Chinese tutor in Singapore as a head start. What does this mean? In the event they want to pursue the business track and be successful in their industries, I want them to be able to communicate with the Asian business scene or be with the international community. On the other hand, if they pursue arts and creatives, culture is my reason because that is where they came from or the start of their beautiful lives. 


I love learning and want my children to experience the same joy and appreciation I have without the added pressure. I did not tell them to take a business Chinese course in Singapore to succeed in life or lay out all the rewards of immersing oneself in their culture. Instead, I focused on convincing through the idea that everything is for their growth and success regardless of the path they take. Luckily, my teenager agreed to attend a class, despite having a seemingly shallow reason for wanting to communicate with their Chinese-speaking friends, which I found valid, by the way. 

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