A Beginner’s Guide To Renovating Your HDB House

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We often lack the knowledge in selecting and working with an Interior Designer because most of us only have one chance to remodel a home. We’ve put together a beginner’s guide to choosing the right Interior Designer for your remodel to help you make a proper decision. Many homeowners put off hiring an interior designer until the last minute. You’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself, your designer, and the contractor to complete the renovations on time by doing so.

By right, you should have planned out your renovations with your interior designers a few months before receiving your home keys This will give your designer ample time to develop your design plan, assist you in selecting materials, and then make any necessary modifications before you need to move into your new house.

Once In A Life Time Renovation: Make It Count

We’ve all heard horror stories about bad renovation experiences including anything from delays to overcharging and bad renovations.

According to the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), remodeling contractors were the third most complained-about industry in Singapore in 2019.

This is why many people choose to work with a reputable Interior Designer. Not only can these companies assure that you get a high-quality design and delivery, but they know how to comply with the laws and regulations of HDB.

Interior Designer & A Contractor: What’s The Difference?

Hiring a reputable Interior Designer is a long-term investment that may help you maximize the value of your new home via smart design. Advice on soft furnishings and furniture, as well as a track record of success, reassures novice renovators.

A contractor is unlikely to sit down with you to talk about your design ideas, go over material and furnishing options, or offer advice on furniture design. Furthermore, a contractor is rarely in charge of the entire project.

The Best Interior Designer Is Out There, You Just Have To Find It

Whether you’re remodeling a single room or a whole house, the right interior designer can assist you in achieving your goals. The interior designer’s project management, budgeting skills, and technical knowledge are all critical to a project’s success, as are selecting the best layout and materials, colors, fixtures, and lighting. Always start by doing your research apart from referrals from your friends and family.

Make sure to research the company’s portfolio and find out what they specialize in. In Singapore, some interior designers specialize in a particular design style. Select a designer with whom you are comfortable and with whom you can communicate effectively.

What To Do Before Meeting An Interior Designer

To begin, make a list of your own lifestyle, requirements, demands, and desires. For example, many homeowners have specific preferences for features such as closets, study spaces, and even kitchen islands. Conduct some research; there are many pictures and television programs that may serve as inspiration for your future house. Be completely honest with yourself and the designer about the level of service you require.

In Conclusion

Decide on your overall house design concept first, or at the very least, what you like and dislike. Modern styles such as contemporary design styles, Scandinavian and vintage designs, are all included. Simply look over a few of the projects on our site to get a sense of the overall concept behind each design concept and see which ones suit your personality and preferences. Certain interior design companies even provide Virtual Home Tours to assist you in visualizing your desired design ideas.

For more HDB inspirations and ideas, you can visit top interior designers such as Space Factor at https://www.spacefactor.com.sg/design/hdb-interior-design and check out the best designs available!


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