Bathtubs That Are Ideally For HDB Flats

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Bathtubs served as bathing equipment, but more significantly served as the focal point of a bathroom. Bathtubs are not just for luxury and aesthetic purposes. The tub is best if you have kids, toddlers, or puppies to bathe. It can be a necessity if you find the best way to relax and unwind at home.

Bathrooms can’t be considered full baths without your tub. The bathroom without a tub is a three-quarter bath. It is very common in some bathrooms, but a must-have in master bathrooms. A huge bathroom space is not needed to have a bathtub. It is possible to have bathtub singapore hdb units.

Bathtub in HDB

There are major criteria to follow when installing a bathtub in a HDB as there are standards you can follow in plumbing and renovation. You need to take note of this before you embark on a bathtub installation or bathroom renovation so you will know what to do and not to do.

Bathtub placements

One main rule to follow when you put a bathtub in is it must be placed in the original bathroom of the HDB unit. If you dream of having a bathtub with a view from the window, it is not possible if your bathroom is far from the window. You should abide by the regulations so as not to cause possible damage to the unit that can be inconvenient to the neighbors.

Bathroom renovations

The regulations state that any replacement of the old toilet floor finishes should be completed with permission, at least 3 years after the construction of the block. Take note of this rule when you purchase a bathtub to ensure you don’t need excessive floor renovation when installing.

Bathtub weight

When choosing a bathtub for an HDB house, ensure it is not too heavy. There is a weight restriction of 400 kg in every tub and 150 kg in every square meter. The rules of tubs are constructed of heavy materials such as marble or with substantial cast iron legs. When you consider alternatives, you may focus on the lightweight substances that are safely in the weight restrictions, such as:

  • Acrylic
  • Fiberglass-reinforced plastic

There are also different types of HDB bathtub designs available. You can check among them and choose which one suits your preference. Also, it comes in a different style that adds aesthetic to your bathroom space. Most homeowners choose the rectangular and oblong shape as it is very space-friendly.

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