Buy the best quality food for your cat in Bangalore at an affordable price

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Cat food should be of high quality and balanced. It should be noted right away that you should never feed a cat from your table. You can go with homemade natural food or ready-made industrial food for your cat. The main thing is that the diet should be balanced, complete, supplying the body with enough microelements, and vitamins.

There are two types of food options for an adult pet: ready-made dry/wet ingredients and natural food. Which one to choose, everyone decides for themself, depending on personal preferences.

With natural feeding, pets receive not nutritious industrial mixtures, but self-prepared products by humans. Such food must meet certain requirements:

  • Fully meet the needs of the cat for basic and additional food elements.
  • Be safe for the pet, that is, free from pathogenic bacteria and parasites.
  • In the composition of natural food, the presence of substances harmful to the cat is unacceptable – GMOs, hormones, pesticides, components that are contraindicated for a pet.

In India, most veterinarians are advised to purchase finished products, which contain all the necessary substances in an accessible form and you can easily buy packed high quality cat food in Bangalore. At the same time, you can diversify your meals with both dry mixture and wet food. The main thing is to choose premium and super-premium products.

To regulate metabolism, cats need vitamins in their diet. With their lack of cats, immunity decreases, they are more likely to get sick:

  1. A is a fish. Helps dissolve fats;
  2. D – Dairy products, eggs. The deficiency causes rickets;
  3. E – Cereals, vegetable oils. The deficiency causes dystrophic disorders in the body;
  4. В1 – Oatmeal. Needed for the functioning of the nervous system and the development of muscles; B6 – bran, yolk. Deficiency leads to anaemia, weight loss;
  5. H – Meat, cheese. This deficiency leads to impaired hair growth.

If you are short on time, it is better to opt for the premium, super premium, or pocket friendly Fresh Pet Food or holistic industrial feed. Since in the case of choosing natural food for cats, you will have to cook and buy food not only for yourself but also for the pet.

You can judge the beneficial properties of a product by the condition of the coat (smooth, shiny) and the activity of the animal. When choosing natural food, the owner of the cat should be guided by the needs of the animal, depending on its age and breed.

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