Difference between dissertation and thesis

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Dissertation and thesis are two major comprehensive papers that are required to be submitted by the students to get their graduation degrees. It is a very common doubt that emerges in the minds of the students that what is the difference between the dissertation and thesis as they both are based on the researches and follow almost the similar patterns of writing. This doubt will be cleared below.

The major difference between dissertation and thesis is the time at which they are completed. In USA, a thesis is a piece of research which is completed in order to earn the Master’s degree and is shorter than the dissertation. The dissertation, on the other hand, is a long document which needs to be provided by the student to their guides in order to earn their doctorate degrees. The concept of dissertation and thesis is totally opposite in Europe to that of USA. In Europe, dissertation is performed to earn the master’s degree, whereas, the thesis is to be submitted in order to earn a doctorate.

There is also a difference between the structures of dissertation and thesis. The main aim of the dissertation is to showcase the ability of the writer to think critically about the topic of the research and discuss the entire in-depth knowledge he/she possesses in relation to the research topic. The thesis, on the other hand, provides the writer with the opportunity to form their own unique theories, concepts or hypotheses and utilize the methods of research that can be applied to prove them. The structure of a thesis can be thought to be similar to the research papers that we are familiar with. Most of the information used in the thesis is attributed to the writer. The writer just takes guidance from the researches performed by the others and puts his own efforts to prove the hypotheses he develops for conducting the research.

The dissertation that needs to be provided for the master’s degree consists of minimum 100 pages. The thesis for the doctoral degree is longer than the dissertation as it requires a great deal of the information about the background research. It consists of a proposal, approach taken for the research and many other specific components in detail. A thesis is a very complex work and it requires more of the experimental data than the dissertation. For the accomplishment of thesis, a faculty is always assigned to the researcher to guide him with the concepts and processes whenever required. The advisor points out the discrepancies and provides the correct solutions to resolve the problems related to the research. However, every college and university has their own set criteria and guidelines for the structure of the dissertation and the thesis.

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The above blog provides an idea to differentiate between the dissertation and the thesis. They both are the comprehensive research works which need to be done and submitted by the students to obtain their degrees for masters or the doctoral program.

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