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Kaasi is a south indian action thriller film written and directed by KiruthigaUdayanidhi. It has one of the mysterious plots in telugu film industry that makes you crave to complete the whole film to know more. This film makes sure to let you sit for the whole movie. It is a tamil language film dubbed in telugu as kaasi. You should watch this film with your family and friends, suitable for some entertaining weekend nights. You can enjoy kaasi movie for free and watch movies free.


Cast and Crew:

Actor: Vijay Antony

Actress: Anjali

Other actors: Sunaina, ShilpaManjunath, AmrithaAiyer

Director: KiruthigaUdhayanidhi

Banner: Vijay Antony Film Corporation

Producer: Fatima Vijay Antony

Music: Vijay Antony

Cinematography: Richard M. Nathan

Editing: Lawrence Kishore

Story By: KiruthigaUdhayanidhi



Other information:

Runtime: 133 mins

Release date: May 18, 2018

Genre: Historic action movie.

Distributed by: Red Giant Movies


Story line:

Kaasi, a professional and successful surgeon lives in the USA. He is the MD of one of the most famous and respectable hospitals in the US. His level of expertise in his profession makes him a superhero in the point of view of the public as he’s got a 97% success rate in his surgeries. He is an ideal to a lot of youngsters but irrespective of his professional life, he suffers from a small issue in his personal life. Ever since his childhood, he gets the same dream every time of a snake scaring a bull that with fear, runs towards a child as the mother sees the situation, she runs in the opposite direction to save her child but as both reach the kid, his dreams get cut and he wakes up. He always wonders about that dream as he thinks he literally grew up in the US. As he was doing his duty, one fine day his mother will be admitted into his hospital for kidney failure and he decides to donate his kidney but his father stops and informs him that he was adopted and cannot donate his kidney. Then he understands that the dream he always gets must be one from his childhood and then he takes up on a journey to find more about his childhood and get to know about his birth parents.


Technical Aspects:

  • Graphics of the movie are jaw dropping! The snake looked so realistic that honestly when i watched i got scared. Nevertheless this movie has good graphics.
  • Locations, beautiful locations which are apt for the situation be it foreign or a village from india, director have chosen the right locations.
  • The colour editing of the movie. To be specific the movie has really good shades that bring the reality. I mean colours have changed according to the time and which was creative.
  • This movie has a great story, even though it was not much noticed there is a great story hidden behind the for an extent they tired making it clear.


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